Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

Stunning Night The Of Stars, Including Scorching Hot Angelina And The Wrap-Up Of All The Winners, Highlight Hollywood Oscar Exclusive News

The 84th Annual Academy Awards are now over. The show was not without surprises, and the host Billy Crystal’s return to the OSCARS was all that we knew it would be. Billy was wonderful, Octavia couldn’t stop crying in the press room; God bless her soul, and the leading ladies all looked gorgeous on the red carpet, and our favorite leading men looked very dapper.  But the theme for the night was indeed Classic Hollywood, as Christopher Plummer, winner of Best Supporting Actor told Highlight Hollywood, “Now, my career is complete! I am most grateful to the Academy, but it belongs to my wife. She’s the one who keeps me going.” While other stars had plenty to say as well. Here’s Highlight Hollywood’s OSCAR wrap up!

My longtime friend Prince Albert of Monaco was at the awards tonight with his Princess, but the real stars were Angelina Jolie, Viola Davis and a dazzling looking Natalie Portman, all striking stunning poses on the red carpet. And then “In Memoriam” was very moving, and ended with Elizabeth Taylor’s 20th Century Fox image as Cleopatra. That was how the night seemed to go. Very glorious and memorable. It was a great show, not boring, not too long, and host Billy Crystal proves he’s still got the “right stuff” to emcee and host the biggest night in Hollywood. With over a billion viewers watching, many of which for the very first time from China, previous Academy Award winner for Best Actress and my fellow native Virginian Sandra Bullock presented tonight, while speaking Mandarin Chinese.

With the Lead Actor race a dead standstill, with no certain frontrunner prevailing, buzz was always that Brad Pitt would pull a major upset and finally win his first Academy Award. But it was all tears when actor Jean Dujardin picked up the award. The French actor was as ecstatic as the audience was for him. However, when it was time for Best Actress winner, the room was very tense. Though Meryl Streep was a definite frontrunner, people were also whispering how Meryl had been lobbying for her dear friend Viola Davis to win.  So when Academy Award winning actor Colin Firth walked on stage, all eyes were on him, and not just because he was decked out in my favorite designer Tom Ford’s tuxedo, (so was I, by the way), but because everyone wanted to hear the name of tonight’s big lady winner!  And when it came time, “Meryl Streep!” We all were ecstatic.  Yes, it’s her third win, but she was deserving as Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady.” Meryl’s Oscar acceptance speech was brilliant, and nothing like her Golden Globe speech last month.

Then the final award of the night was announced; Best Picture.  And what a great choice, having superstar Tom Cruise, with his “Mission Impossible” music playing as he approached the podium to announce; the Best Picture goes to “The Artist!” Which proved that silent movies are far from dead!  Good night, Highlight Hollywood readers; and thanks to everyone, Peter, Kristel, Bobby, Tony, Budd and everyone else for all your help tonight in making history again!

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: OSCARS.COM
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