Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

'True Blood' Secrets Revealed, Alan Ball Is Indeed Stepping Down, Highlight Hollywood News

Are the rumors started by Forbes magazine about losing the HBO vampire maker true?  Amazingly, just months into the filming of season five of the hit HBO series “True Blood,” it’s being reported that Alan Ball will be stepping down if there is a sixth season of the show on HBO.  However, Ball is also planning on creating the new series “Banshee,” so if he exits, will it also affect this new show? Forbes is stating the reason Ball plans to leave “True Blood,” is exhaustion.  However, Highlight Hollywood decided to dispel any rumors and to get down to the facts, as we know them.

Well, it seems the rumors are true.  “‘True Blood’ has been, and will continue to be, a highlight of not only my career but my life,” Ball says in a statement. “Because of the fantastic cast, writers, producers and crew, with whom I have been lucky enough to work these past five years, I know I could step back and the show will continue to thrive as I look forward to new and exciting ventures.”

Reports first surfaced earlier this week, that “True Blood,” which is currently in production of its fifth season (debuting in June), will lose Ball as a head writer, which sent fans into shock.  Apparently exhaustion is the reasoning behind Ball leaving the show. HBO also released a statement regarding Ball’s exit. “When we extended our overall deal with Alan Ball in July 2011, we always intended that if we proceeded to ‘True Blood’s’ sixth season that Alan would take a supervisory role on the series and not be the day-to-day show-runner. If we proceed to season six, the show will remain in the very capable hands of the talented team of writers and producers who have been with the show for a number of years,” the network tells Highlight Hollywood. “This is the best possible world for both HBO and Alan Ball. Alan will remain available as executive producer to consult and advise on ‘True Blood’ and he will be free to develop new shows for both HBO and Cinemax. ‘Banshee,’ on which Alan serves as executive producer, is the first in house series for Cinemax and is expected to begin production this spring.”
There was a rumor last July that Ball was thinking about exciting before ‘True Blood’s’ fifth season, but Ball shot that down during ‘True Blood’s’ panel at the Television Critics Association press tour. “There will be an end for me at some point, but I just closed a deal to do another season,” Ball told reporters. “I don’t have any desire to leave because I’m having more fun than I ever had in my life.”

So as fangbangers find themselves devastated, Highlight Hollywood spoke with a set-side source close to Ball. “Alan very much loves the show (“True Blood”) and the fans are truly the best, truly Trubies! But he’s really exhausted, and I am sure he’ll make sure the show remains in good hands. HBO is working very closely with him to hand off much of the responsibilities he’s had to deal with. It’s definitely not the end of ‘True Blood.’ It won’t be until the fans get sick of us,” said the source  No chance of that happening any time soon.

The source also added that the show’s cast are all devastated right now, quite concerned, but hopeful about the show’s future.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: John P. Johnson/HBO
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