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Esteemed Highlight Hollywood Film Critic Barry Rubin On 'The Kid With The Bike'

“The Kid With a Bike” is a French, Italian and Belgian joint venture in French and was written and directed by Luc and Jean Pierre Dardenne. It tells the story of a

A Highlight Hollywood Esteemed Contributor 'Searching For The Lost Horizon', Highlight Hollywood Spotlight

Based on a novel by British author James Hilton, the book supposed that a peaceful paradisiacal utopia lay beyond the icy cold spaces of the Tibetan mountains. This quest has a dual

Highlight Hollywood's Leading Men, Dark, Passionate And Devastatingly Talented

This week’s Leading Men Gold Standard goes to two actors who portray men who have good and bad sides. Adam Gregory, who portrays Thomas Forrester on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful”

Highlight Hollywood's Leading Ladies Gold Standard, Bold And Beautiful Divas

This week’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard goes to two beautiful actresses who star on CBS’s mega popular daytime drama “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Both stunning Katherine Kelly Lang, original cast member

The Two Faces Of George Zimmerman,Neighbors Complained About His Aggression, So Did Ex-Girlfriend, 'He Slapped Me Repeatedly' Highlight Hollywood Exclusive Expose

George Zimmerman as described by Joe Oliver, a man who barely knows the killer of Trayvon  Martin is a nice man. When Oliver was found to be a fraud, who never even

Superstar Quarterback Tim Tebow's Faith Still Strong In The Big Apple, A Highlight Hollywood News Interview

New York Jets great Tim Tebow had plenty to say, some may be a bit rattling for fans, but you have to give it to the guy. He’s not only as my

Shocking New Evidence Released In Case Of Missing Utah Mom Susan Powell, Highlight Hollywood News

Authorities investigating the 2009 disappearance of a Utah woman found her blood in the family home and a hand-written note in which she expressed fear about her husband and her potential demise,

Highlight Hollywood Celebrates Birthdays With The Stars On Saturday, March 31 In Hollywood

Six of our favorite favorites stars are celebrating their birthday.  And here at Highlight Hollywood, we’ll be celebrating with them as well, today! We’d like to take the time to wish all

Mega Millions Lottery Hysteria Across America, Highlight Hollywood's Advice To Tonight's Winner(s)

Mega Million Lottery Fever has spread across America. The biggest jackpot in history for Lottery players is about to create some very wealthy person, or persons!  The jackpot is now at a

'Wrath Of The Titans' Sends The Moviegoer Into A 3D Hades Experience, Definitely Not A Classic, Highlight Hollywood Review

“Wrath of the Titans” would more accurately be called “Repeat of the Titans.” The 2010 “Clash of the Titans” earned an amazing $160 million in the box office, North American take alone,