Actor Brian Gaskill Cast In Gregori Martin's 'The Bay' As Bad Boy Chase, Highlight Hollywood Exclusive News

“The Bay’s” creator, director, writer and producer Gregori Martin confirmed to Highlight Hollywood on Saturday that actor Brian Gaskill has been cast as the resident “bad boy” in Bay City. Gaskill’s character will be named Chase.  Further word on the character and an official announcement by Lany Films, which produces “The Bay” will be forthcoming.  Gaskill has starred on soaps before, from “The Bold and the Beautiful,” to “As The World Turns” and “All My Children.”  The actor has previously been directing music videos, and is expected to continue.

Lany Films released the following:

MEDIA ALERT: Brian Gaskill cast in THE BAY’S summer special THE BAY: DARKSIDE OF THE BAY

Brian Gaskill has been cast as the mysterious bad boy, ‘Chase’, in THE BAY’s upcoming summer special, THE BAY: DARKSIDE OF THE BAY. With shooting already in progress, DARKSIDE will revolve around THE BAY’s Generation Y, as the younger residents of Bay City suffer serious consequences when they venture into the wrong side of Bay City. Gaskill’s character, ‘Chase‘, has a serious bone to pick with Will (DERRELL WHITT) and Lianna (JADE HARLOW). Lives hang in the balance when Gaskill debuts in this summer’s cutting and edgy edition of DARKSIDE.

Best known for his role as ‘Rafe Kovitch’ in PORT CHARLES, additional acting credits for Gaskill include GUIDING LIGHT, AS THE WORLD TURNS, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, ALL MY CHILDREN, and Aaron Spellings’ primetime TV series MODELS INC. See IMDb for more –
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