Daytime Legend Fiona Hutchison Joins Gregori Martin's 'The Bay', Highilght Hollywood Exclusive News

Best known to soap fans as the mesmerizing Gabrielle Medina on the now canceled ABC daytime drama “One Life to Live.” Beautiful and supremely talented superstar Fiona Hutchison follows Gregori Martin’s other casting news on his hit Internet series “The Bay.” In the last few weeks and days, Martin has cast Scott Bailey, “General Hospital” icon John Reilly, as Sara Garrett’s butler, Brian Gaskill as a bad boy for the summer series and now the fan favorite Fiona Hutchison joins the stellar cast in a mysterious new role. Award-winning producer, director, writer and creator of “The Bay,” Gregori Martin tells Highlight Hollywood, “Yes, we are ecstatic to have Fiona on the show. She’s one of the best actresses in the industry, and her character will be inked to (many) Bay City residents. We are all looking forward to working with her.”

Hutchison joins actors handsome Scott Bailey, who portrays “spicy news reporter Nathan Perkins,   “General Hospital’s” iconic actor John Reilly, as the new butler to Sarah Garrett, played by beautiful “Days of Our Lives” icon Mary Beth Evans, and talented and handsome Brian Gaskill, who joins the show as a bad boy in the summer’s upcoming version of the series. Bailey plays a meddling journalist, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.  Gregori Harrison is the creative genius behind “The Bay.” The handsome entertainment giant, who helms Lany Films is not only the show’s creator, but he is the writer of the series as well.  Gregori works nonstop in making sure the storylines are exciting, compelling, and Martin has created the most groundbreaking drama in years.

Gregori is also busy working on several feature films, but fans of “The Bay” know what a giant he is, and how hard he works to bring the most exciting characters and yes, actors to the roles he comes up with. And Fiona Hutchison is one of those.  Wendy in Sherman Oaks tells Highlight Hollywood, “I love ‘The Bay.’ However, I’m more excited than ever before, what a great bunch of actors Gregori has cast. From Scott Bailey and Brian Gaskill, to John Reilly, and now Fiona! Wow, that’s all I can say, and I’ll be watching next month, Tommy!”

Fans are wildly excited, because when season 2 picks up again in April, we are going to be enthralled in a great bit of mischief, and if you thought the previous half of season two was unforgettable, you ain’t seen nothing yet! These new characters are played by wonderful actors, and the infusion of talent is just what is needed. Martin has created the most exciting drama in decades, and we need to support it, in any way we can, lets do this!

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Fiona Hutchison’s Private Collection
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