Mon. Aug 10th, 2020

Legendary Star Michael Swan And Handsome Leading Man Gerald Hopkins Join 'The Bay', Highlight Hollywood Exclusive News

Gregori Martin with the hit Internet sensation “The Bay” confirmed exclusively with Highlight Hollywood today, that handsome “As The World Turns” alum Michael Swan will be joining the series in a Guest Starring role as a motel manager, Buck Stanton in a couple webisodes this upcoming season.  “He shoots his first scenes next Tuesday, on April 3. His scenes will involve Kristos Andrew’s character (Peter Garrett), and the mysterious character beautiful Fiona Hutchison is portraying, Tommy,” said the show’s creator, producer, director and award winning genius writer Gregori Martin. 
The season is really picking up, after casting primetime icon Scott Bailey, maverick and multi-talented actor, director Brian Gaskill, AB’s “General Hospital” veteran John Reilly and “One Life To Live” beauty Fiona Hutchison. Swan has a huge fan following and the handsome actor just finished a series of films for the SyFy Network.

Best known for his roles on CBS’s hit daytime drama “The Bold and the Beautiful” and the iconic daytime classic “As The World Turns,” Swan reports to work as we said earlier on April 3, opposite the youngest Garrett, Peter (Kristos Andrews), and will appear in at least two installments this Season. Other daytime credits of Swan’s include roles on “One Life to Live, “Guiding Light” and “Santa Barbara.”

“The Bay” creator, Gregori J. Martin, is excited to welcome Michael Swan to “The Bay’s” phenomenal cast!  But not only will the great Gregori Martin be adding Swan to his illustrious stable of actors and actresses.  

Also, exclusive to Highlight Hollywood, the talented Gerald Hopkins, who portrayed “General Hospital’s” AJ Quartermaine in the early ‘90s, prior to Sean Kanan taking over the role will also guest star on “The Bay,” portraying Michael, a bartender at Bay City Brewery.  Gregori Martin tells Highlight Hollywood exclusively, “Tommy, Gerald shoots his first scenes tonight at Henry’s Hat,” Martin said.  “Gerard is a dear friend of mine. I remember watching him on ‘General Hospital’ and thinking to myself, ‘wow, what at wonderful actor.’ Tommy, I am happy he could join ‘The Bay’ family!”

“The Bay” is hitting its stride now.  The series has so many amazing actors and behind the scenes wizards now, that it’s destined to become an even bigger hit.  Today Gregori is filming with Mary Beth Evans, Tristan Rogers and Scott Bailey, to name a few. I’m sure Hollywood’s “IT” Guy Kristos Andrews will also be on set.  What a spectacular team Gregori has built, all geniuses in their craft, but the only thing you can say about Gregori Martin, is that he does it all. The handsome show-runner is breaking all the glass ceilings in Hollywood and making it a more encompassing and talented town.

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 Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Michael Swan/CBS Photos and Gerald Hopkins from Private Collection
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