Thu. May 28th, 2020

Mega Millions Lottery Hysteria Across America, Highlight Hollywood's Advice To Tonight's Winner(s)

Mega Million Lottery Fever has spread across America. The biggest jackpot in history for Lottery players is about to create some very wealthy person, or persons!  The jackpot is now at a whopping $540 million. Sounds like some of my neighbors in Bel Air and Beverly Hills may have some competition for Forbes list of the richest Americans and richest people in the world. Sure, a half-a-billion dollars is never going to make you a Steven Spielberg, Warren Buffet or even a Bill Gates.  But it sure can make a lot of your worries go away. Say, $5.00 a gallon gas prices? No problem!  Anyhow, it’s lotto hysteria right now, with many people planning to purchase their final tickets today (Friday), and promise me, you won’t quit your job if you win!

What? You would? Well, I am lucky, I do what I love, so $540 million, a half-a-billion won’t change my professional life one bit. Well, maybe it would. I could hire more people, I could make sure my parents live comfortably, a few aunts and uncles and cousins. Uh, oh!  Now I’m broke you just said? Sure, but what the heck would all that money be worth if you can’t show those you love, that you want to give them their wildest dreams come true?

So, seriously, if you win the lottery today.  The first thing you should do, and don’t forget this, is; sign the back of the ticket. That will stop anyone else from claiming your riches if you happen to drop it while you’re jumping up and down. Then make a photocopy and lock it in a safe. At the very least, keep it where you know it’s protected. A Rhode Island woman who won a $336 million Powerball jackpot in February hid the ticket in her Bible before going out to breakfast.

Then? Call your attorney. And if you don’t have one, get one really quick. Don’t call all of your relatives and if you don’t plan on returning to work, please do not call your boss and brag about winning, an then quit. Well, if you work for Highlight Hollywood, Garrett and ICONS PR or you know me, please do call!

Good luck, Highlight Hollywood will announce the winning numbers tonight!  And has anyone given my pal Tim Tebow’s favorite number any thought? If you don’t remember, it’s John 3:16.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Mega Millions Lottery
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