'True Blood's' Season 5 Episode 8 Secrets Revealed, Stephen Moyer Directs, Sam Doppelganger And Highlight Hollywood Crack Casting

Highlight Hollywood can reveal that “True Blood” season 5 is heating up!  Scorching hot, I’d like to add!  Here are the latest spoilers for the eight episode of the series.  The episode entitled “Somebody That I Use to Know” is going to be a shocker, and guess what Trubies?  Handsome King Bill Compton of Louisiana’s alter-ego Stephen Moyer is directing the episode which begins filming on April 2! Moyer fans know that he’s nothing if not handsome and multi-talented, and thanks to Alan Ball and HBO for noticing. Here’s what our King Mr. Moyer has planned for episode 8!

The first character we have is REGGIE, who is a white dude in his mid 20s to early 30s. Reggie is described as being a good-looking redneck, and member of a trashy, low-rent anti-vampire hate group. Sounds like a friend or relative of Jason’s, I think? Who knows, but he sounds like someone who would be perfectly cast by one of the classiest men in Hollywood, Kyle Lowder!

Then there is SARAH COMPTON-HARRIS! She’s described as a white lady that’s in her 70s to 80s. She’s seen in a flashback scene to 1931, is very frail, and ravaged by cancer and is close to death. Any takers for this role? I say Constance Towers or Ruta Lee would just be ideal, though they are far from frail, they are still stunners post 40 in Hollywood! That’s all I have to say!

RYDER is our next character for “Somebody That I Used to Know.” He is a very large guy that’s a wolf, who addresses the Shreveport pack as they face a major change in leadership. Heck yeah, Marcus is gone now, thanks to Alcide and Sam! I’m stomped, I have to admit, but there are so many out of work actors in Hollywood, we are bound to have a perfect actor for this role!

LADY PACKMEMBE is a female member of the wolf pack, and she makes a wry suggestion at a meeting.

SEAN is a college age, lean, tall, long-distance runner type of dude. He’s described as being a University track star who’s put in the terrifying position of having to out-run a wolf pack. Um. I nominate myself! Do I get a second? OK, Trubies Cheryl, Wendy, all you guys, it’s time to chime in here! I can’t hear you!

FEMALE is a 20 year old white chick, and begs for her life as she is fed on by a vampire. OK, can I nominate Kim Matula or Jacqueline MacInnes Wood from “The Bold and the Beautiful?”

SAM is a double to Sam Trammell, and they say, the actor must look just like Sam Trammell. OK, who can we find that handsome? I vote for Sam Trammell playing a dual role. No one in Hollywood compares to Sam in looks or talent, he’s the only one who can play, Sam, people! I love you, Mr. Ball, but it’s Sam, pure and simple!  Remove this breakdown from the wires!

Season 5 debuts in June! Don’t miss it, stay tuned to Highlight Hollywood for the latest news on “True Blood.”

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Stephen Moyer by John P. Johnson/HBO, Sam Trammell by Art Streiber/HBO, Tommy
Lightfoot Garrett by Mara Magliarditi Photography, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood by Gilles Toucas/Bell Phillip TV Productions, Constance Towers by Mara Magliarditi Photography, Kyle Lowder Gilles Toucas/Bell Phillip TV Productions
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