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Violent Tornadoes Sweep Through Midwest, Hammers Woodward, Oklahoma, 29 Injured Five Dead, Highlight Hollywood News

As people across the U.S. await further tornado warnings overnight on Sunday, residents were scouring through damaged homes and debris across the Midwest on Sunday morning and afternoon after a violent storm

'True Blood' The Series Or The Books? Which Do You Prefer? Highlight Hollywood's Contributor Weighs In, 'Dead Reckoning'

“True Blood,” The Show Or The Books? Which work better for you? “True Blood” is an immensely popular vampire series on HBO. The characters and storylines grow more intriguing and interesting every

Bee Gee’s Robin Gibbs’s Son Speaks Out In The Last Hours Of Father’s Life, Highlight Hollywood News

Robin Gibb of the iconic group the Bee Gees remains in very grave condition on Sunday in a hospital. “Sadly the reports are true that Robin has contracted pneumonia and is in

TCM Classic Film Festival Hollywood 2012 And Dorothy Chandler And Judy Garland’s Mansion Go On Sale This Week In Hollywoodland, Highlight Hollywood Exclusive News

This week in Hollywoodland, it was all about preparations for, and then the arrival of the King of Hollywood, Mr. Robert Osborne, who hosted this year’s TCM Classic Film Festival. The tourists

Angelina And Jada's Strong Men And Jenny McCarthy Spotted At Hef's Playboy Mansion In The Hills, Highlight Hollywood Exclusive

This week in The Hills, it’s all abuzz about Angelina’s engagement ring from longtime love Brad Pitt. The couple’s representative told Highlight Hollywood on Friday that the rumors were indeed true, but

Russian Boy Artyom Saleviev Sent On A Plane Back From America To A Russian Orphanage Is Growing Up, An Update, Highlight Hollywood World Exclusive

In 2010 Artyom Saleviev made headlines around the world after his American adoptive mother Torry Hansen put the then seven-year-old boy back on a plane to Russia, alone with a letter that

Highlight Hollywood Remembers Classic Stars, Gone, But Never Forgotten

Highlight Hollywood remembers our favorite stars from the past, and will never forget them. Stars that brought us joy on the silver screen, or through their recordings. They will always be will

Celebrities Born Today, April 15, No Not Tax Day, Birthdays We Celebrate At Highlight Hollywood

Highlight Hollywood wishes a happy birthday to our lucky seven stars for this Sunday, April 15, 2012. May all your days be as happy as this one. If we left your favorite

Famed Advocates Attorney Anne Bremner Confirms To Highlight Hollywood, Susan Powell's Family To Guest On 'Anderson Cooper's' Daytime Show, Exclusive

Stunning Anne Bremner, the famed attorney who represents the (Cox family); Susan Cox Powell’s parents, will appear on “Anderson Cooper” the daytime talk show alongside the Cox family next Thursday afternoon.  Anne

Sarah Palin Responds When Fox Chief Roger Ailes States, 'She Could Never Be President', Highlight Hollywood News

I have never been a fan of Sarah Palin, and I think she’s helped create the detrimental and deceitful practices we watch as our political leaders, and in her case, political quitters,