Famed Advocates Attorney Anne Bremner Confirms To Highlight Hollywood, Susan Powell's Family To Guest On 'Anderson Cooper's' Daytime Show, Exclusive

Stunning Anne Bremner, the famed attorney who represents the (Cox family); Susan Cox Powell’s parents, will appear on “Anderson Cooper” the daytime talk show alongside the Cox family next Thursday afternoon.  Anne has worked tirelessly to support this family in their time of need, and fought alongside Susan’s loving parents to keep Susan’s two beautiful son’s alive; but the failure was on the systems in both Utah and Washington State, not on Ms. Bremner or the Cox’s, who loved Susan and her boys unconditionally and enormously.  Both sons were killed by their father Josh Powell, and it is presumed that he or someone close to him also murdered beautiful Susan.


Daytime Exclusive: Susan Powell’s Family / Extreme Moms




In a daytime exclusive, the family of Susan Powell, who is still missing after disappearing two years ago, speaks out on her now deceased husband and children. How did this tragedy occur and what is happening with the investigation? Then, she said, “’til death do us part,” but she didn’t know her husband was going to try to kill her. In a daytime exclusive, meet Susan Walters, who killed the hit man her husband hired to kill her. Hear the frightening tale and learn what you can do to protect yourself under the most extreme circumstances.





A forensics expert takes Anderson through a real-life CSI crime demonstration right on our stage. Would you know what to look for in a crime scene? Find out what you can do to keep yourself safe.





Also on Ander’s Thursday show, Anderson confronts two moms whose obsession with exercise and looking young are taken to extremes — obsessions that may be costing them their relationships with their daughters. Why are these moms obsessed? How are their children being affected? And what can we learn about our own habits?





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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Anderson Cooper, Anne Bremner
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