Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

George Zimmerman's Neighbor Frank Taaffe The Latest 'Friend' To Be Discredited, Nancy Grace Of HLN Caught Taaffe In A Lie About Zimmerman, Highlight Hollywood News

“Nancy Grace” is a popular show, if not the most popular TV show on CNN’s sister-network Headline News (HLN). However, when it comes to questioning, Ms. Grace is a former homicide prosecutor, and when someone goes on her show, as George Zimmerman’s legion of supporters, mainly, neighbor Frank Taaffe, and they lie, Nancy Grace is the one to trip them up. Taaffe tried to subdue Nancy’s tough questions by stating, “I wore my favorite tie for you, Ms. Nancy!” The unimpressed seasoned prosecutor then went in for the kill, and within moments, she got the so-called friend of George Zimmerman to admit, after badgering him for what seemed like hours, but it was actually minutes, “I have not seen George Zimmerman or had a conversation with him, since this incident occurred,” said so-called friend and neighbor Frank Taaffe.

Why would one go on national TV to defend a man who has not even spoken with him since the incident? Biotry on Taaffe’s part was his inspiration, publicity was Joe Oliver’s. Perhaps Zimmerman’s father and brother had legitimate reasons to lie, but thanks to Nancy Grace, we now know that Frank Taaffe at the very least wants attention and at the very most, has reason to lie on Trayvon Martin, and for George Zimmerman for other reasons.

Nancy has a very unscrupulous producer on her show, who isn’t very honest with people, and does whatever she has to in order to get a story; which oftentimes give people like me a very bad taste in our mouths, but Ms. Grace deserves to be given credit for making this man out to be the liar and fraud he is. Defending a family member who kills an innocent young boy is one thing. But Joe Oliver and Frank Taaffe have been proved to be unethical violators of the community’s trust.  One of Nancy Grace’s fans, Susan Lawrence Moore said it best on The HLN website tonight, “George Zimmerman has a gash [on his head], and Trayvon Martin has a casket. Where’s the justice in that?”

While Taaffe described medical and technical terms about Zimmerman’s injuries, it was obvious to the audience that this man was being fed information, and we now know, it was by George Zimmerman’s attorney to describe evidence that does not exist. Thankfully Nancy Grace cleared it up for all of us. Just think what Florida prosecutors will do, now that Sanford PD has been exposed as trying to cover up Trayvon’s murder, even though their lead detective on the case stated, “I do not believe Zimmerman’s story, and he should be charged.”

Nancy did not belong on “Dancing With The Stars,” but proves she’s a true legal star, when she caught pandering fibber Frank Taaffe in a lie on her show.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: HLN News
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