Highlight Hollywood Remembers Classic Stars, Gone, But Never Forgotten

Highlight Hollywood remembers our favorite stars from the past, and will never forget them. Stars that brought us joy on the silver screen, or through their recordings. They will always be will us, to remind us of their greatness.  Our three great iconic stars today, April 15 are: Leon Ames, Bessie Smith and Elizabeth Montgomery.

Leon Ames was one of MGM’s brightest actors of the 1940s and ‘50s.
Born 1902 ~ Died 1993

Bessie Smith (The Empress of the Blues) killed in a horrible car accident in 1937
Born 1895 ~ Died 1937

Elizabeth Montgomery, TV’s Bewitched!
Born 1933 ~ Died 1995

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Written By: Bobby Head, Editor-at-Large
Photographs are Courtesy: Link 81 Collection
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