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This week three leading men in Daytime TV led the way to great entertainment, superb acting and men who proved they can work with anything they are given, but never loose their ease, their excellence and their determination; that is, to entertain the viewers.  These actors are Ronn Moss, who portrays Ridge Forrester on the three-time Emmy Award-winning Best Drama, Michael Muhney, the magnificent, who portrays Adam Newman on “The Young and the Restless” and the legendary Eric Braeden, who this week not only awed viewers on “The Young and the Restless” but again in theaters as “Titanic 3D” was re-released in select theaters around the world. Braeden’s power as Victor Nemwan and John Jacob Astor are equally enthralling.

Ronn Moss however, had the interesting storyline on “B&B,” which placed him in scenes with Caroline Spencer. The thing is, is that Caroline’s aunt, Caroline Spencer was the love of Ridge’s life, and she died 20-years earlier in Ridge’s arms. Those poignant and incredible scenes with the Grace Kelly of the late 20th Century, Joanna Johnson, who 25 years ago sent shockwaves around the world, when she decided to end her role as Caroline Spencer on “B&B.” Bill Bell often told me, that she was his favorite “B&B” character, and for good reason. Caroline was beautiful, rich, an L.A. socialite from the premiere Century City family, and publishing empire. Ridge was engaged to Caroline, until the tramp from the Valley, Brooke Logan showed up on the scene, and from that moment on, he couldn’t get, “Logan” out of his mind.

However, the intricate way that Brad weaved the storyline and captured the essence of the original Caroline, with the new incarnation, as Caroline’s niece was brilliant. I never thought the scenes of Ridge discussing Caroline with her niece, who honors her in every way, and even looks like her late aunt would work so brilliantly. I knew that it would be written in a good way, but had no idea it would  ultimately be so great!  Wasn’t it also a wonderful treat to see the young Ridge (Ronn Moss) with the young Caroline of the 1980s, and then see him in tears looking at her incarnation; niece, with the same name? Ronn Moss paid homage to not only Caroline, the character, but Joanna Johnson, the actress, when Brad replayed the scenes written so brilliantly by his late father, the King of Daytime TV, Bill Bell, Sr. giving Caroline the charms to go on her bracelet, knowing she’d never live long enough to receive them each year.  Oh, it brings tears to one’s eyes to see the rich history being tapped by my pal Brad in this current storyline, that will take off next week, between Caroline and two suitors, Thomas Forrester and Rick Forrester. Doesn’t it all remind us, how soaps’ histories can be utilized so brilliantly?

Then there is the brilliant thespian Michael Muhney, who manages to show the in depth energy of his character Adam Newman, without making us realize it’s hard work, what he’s doing. Michael is so effortless, so enchanting and ultimately so brilliant in his acting, that I tell people, every Drama student at USC should be forced to watch Henry Fonda’s movies, Robert Mitchum’s and also Michael’s work before graduation. It’s incredible how playing the Nice Adam, but still never losing that razor’s edge of something that we can see in his eyes, and realize is right there on the cusp of being divulged, only to have Michael tease us, and pull it back inside.

This handsome young actor has the true gifts of acting abilities. He’s handsome, he’s interesting, fun and intriguing; but never does he waste our time showing us only these skills from within. Michael pulls something out of himself every day, every scene, every moment, especially whenever he’s with one of the show’s top leading ladies. I loved it on Thursday, when dad Victor told Adam at the Athletic Club, “I hope this new Adam, this good son is back, son!” And Michael’s look, as if to say, “Who knows, which Adam is coming out next,” is what we love so much about this guy’s work.

Don’t waste everyone’s time. Give the guy his Emmy. He deserves it, he’s earned it, and he proves, that daytime can go from day, to day, to day, but that actors with his gifts, can make it interesting every day, in a whole new way.

Eric Braeden’s work stands for itself. The handsome and powerful leading man, leads the way every day on “Y&R” and shows why he’s the most popular leading man in the world. Eric’s persona of Victor Newman is the life of the show. “Y&R” would never be the same without this unstoppable force of nature, that viewers know is prepared to pull a Henry the VIII and chop of his enemy’s head in the blink of an eye.  This week however, for young viewers of “Y&R,” who were too young in 1998 to see the film “Titanic” should go to the theater and see our favorite leading man Eric Braeden as the richest man in the world, John Jacob Astor, who, without giving away the storyline, does go down with the sinking ship. Though Astor in real-life was very much like Victor and Eric, he refused to get on a lifeboat while there were still women and children on the ship with no hope of getting off.

As for “Y&R” viewers, Eric and Melody (Thomas Scott) have scenes that will blow you away!  Don’t miss it, don’t miss a moment without Eric Braeden and don’t miss a day without Michael (Muhney) and Ronn (Moss).  

“The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful” both air weekdays on CBS Daytime.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Ronn Moss by Gilles Toucas Bell Phillip TV Prod., Young Ronn Moss by CBS TV, Michael Muhney by John Paschal/JPI, Eric Braeden by Monty Brinton/CBS TV
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