Sarah Palin Responds When Fox Chief Roger Ailes States, 'She Could Never Be President', Highlight Hollywood News

I have never been a fan of Sarah Palin, and I think she’s helped create the detrimental and deceitful practices we watch as our political leaders, and in her case, political quitters, who then go on to FOX News and MSNBC and try to destroy anyone who is in office, or attempting to gain an office. All of these pundents as they are called are horrible people, with Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Glen Beck, Lawrence O’Donnell, Ed Schultz, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Michael Savage and the perennially fired Keith Olberman at the top of the list. They are across the political spectrum, but they are on the extremes, and the fact is, a Ronald Reagan, could not get the Republican nomination anymore. And he was not even half as intelligent as failed presidential candidate Barry Goldwater. We seem to elect people who are not very bright, and Sarah Palin luckily won’t be one of them. But to have her bosses at FOX News continually throwing her under the bus and belittling her is not only vile, but absolute proof that if you align yourself with bigots, they will always turn on you. Ms. Palin should have franky known this  at her age, but perhaps she finally does today.

Responding to a harsh comment Fox News chief Roger Ailes made about her earlier this week, Sarah Palin makes a good point.  During a speech at the University of North Carolina, Ailes said that, “Sarah Palin had no chance to be president.” The quote came from New York Magazine editor Gabriel Sherman’s Twitter feed, who was at the event and is writing a book about Ailes and the rise of Fox News. Ailes was at the university addressing a group of journalism students.  The idea that Roger Ailes is giving a speech on journalism is almost laughable, since FOX has the least journalistic integrity of all the news organizations in America, and is more in line with the propaganda of the Middle East and formerly that of Germany’s Nazi Party than anyone else.

Palin responded to Ailes’ remarks in an exclusive interview with Palin called the remarks “interesting.” She then said, “I wonder if he is aware that the same thing was said about me when I ran for city council, mayor, and eventually governor.” She added, “No doubt many people who are told they can’t do something will work that much harder, and they succeed.” She suggested send her employer the documentary recently made about her, “The Undefeated.” Palin said, “The theme of Steve’s film isn’t about me, but about the idea of not letting others dictate one’s path in life and never giving up when you’re fighting for something precious like our exceptional nation and our children’s futures. So, would you send a copy of “The Undefeated” to him?” Palin is nothing if not grandiose in her own eyes, but she may have reason to be upset when attacked by her own boss.

However, this is not the first time Ailes has said something of this nature about Palin, nor the first time Palin has struck back. In July 2011, Sherman wrote a cover story about Ailes for New York magazine, in which a Republican source close to the Fox News chief said that Ailes thought Palin was “an idiot” and “stupid.” Later, Fox News and Ailes heavily disputed that report.

In October 2011, Ailes was quoted as saying that he hired Palin to be a Fox News contributor because “she was hot and got ratings.” The following month when Palin announced that she was not going to enter the 2012 Republican primary race, Ailes was reportedly outraged that she did not make the announcement on Fox News. Instead, Palin went on Mark Levin’s conservative talk-radio show. Going rogue is never a good idea when you get in league with the devil. The problem being Mark Levin’s just a big a devil as Roger Ailes, both of which use lies and propaganda to brainwash and scare silly people into hating and being fearful, which we all know has led to deaths in Florida (Trayvon Martin) in New York by police, who called him a nigger; Mr. Chamberlain and Tulsa, Oklahoma Sheriff admits that the current and past four years of racial pandering to bigots may have caused the two shooters in his city to go on the rampage killing and injuring many innocent African Americans.

Unfortunately these haters and hate-mongers have made millions off the stupidity and ignorance of others, and unfortunately that won’t change any time in the future.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: FOX News
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