'True Blood' The Series Or The Books? Which Do You Prefer? Highlight Hollywood's Contributor Weighs In, 'Dead Reckoning'

“True Blood,” The Show Or The Books? Which work better for you? “True Blood” is an immensely popular vampire series on HBO. The characters and storylines grow more intriguing and interesting every season thanks to incredible writing, direction and, of course, the acting from a wonderfully talented cast.  Every new season takes viewers down new roads. The series is rife with tensions, passions and power struggles within the hamlet of Bon Temps. The show is based on the novels penned by Charlaine Harris. The first, “Dead Until Dark,” was published in 2001. Subsequent novels were published since then up to the present. The last one being “Dead Reckoning,” which was published last year.

In the first season of the show, much of the storyline was taken from the book. This was to introduce and set up the fictional town of Bon Temps and the daily life and struggles of its residents. For me, the fist season remains a special one because the writers adhered closely to the source material.

Starting with the second season of the show, there was a divergence from the storylines in the books. Alan Ball, the executive producer of the series chose to go a new way and surprise viewers with new and exciting storylines, plot points and characters.

Now that the fifth season will begin airing on June 10, it seems that more of the writing and storylines have departed from the world of Sookie Stackhouse as described in Ms. Harris’ literary work.

With Mr. Ball stepping down after this year, I’m left to wonder, will the writers revert back to the storylines of the books or continue on their maverick path? It seems that “True Blood” and the Sookie Stackhouse novels have become two different things, particularly to those of us who have read the books.

In the books, there is no mention of a “Vampire Authority,” nor is there any mention of principle characters becoming addicted to vampire blood (V). Of course, Mr Ball has said that if he were to follow the books precisely, there would be no element of surprise for those who had read the books previously.  The show is great and the books are enjoyable, however, I wonder if the two dynamics of book and series will ever intersect again?

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Written By: Tonio Sparano
Photographs are Courtesy: Charlaine Harris/cover
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