Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

CEO Of Google Finds Perfect Pet Wheaton Terrier At My Friend’s Freedom Farmz, Home Of The Legendary Disney Star ‘Santa Paws’, Highlight Hollywood Exclusive News

Freedom Farmz is one of the top and most reputable breeders in Los Angeles County.  Based in the San Fernando Valley, Denise and her family have not only saved the lives of many animals, but these beautiful dogs have saved Denise’s life and her beautiful children as well.  Denise, always an animal lover found herself with a debilitating disease.  She still had to make a living and support her family, so she used her passion, of taking care of animals, and she soon became one of the most sought after breeders in North America. 
It’s not only shameful of many groups, who argue that they are for the rights of animals, to harm the reputation of a person who works diligently to breed the highest quality and healthiest canine on the planet, by slandering them.  I have known Denise for years, and we stand with her, as does so many of her wonderful return clients, who not only get a dog that is soon a part of their family, but their passion as well.
Recently, the CEO of Google, who researched and wanted a beautiful Wheaton Terrier for his family, and guess where his search engines and his passion led him to?  Yes, to Freedom Farmz.  Denise was contacted by the CEO’s assistant, who she spoke with at length. “I found out the background of the potential owner, and I explained the pros and cons of the Wheaton Terrier, though you know, they have mostly pros,” Denise smiled.  “Eventually after trading phone calls, emails and some photos, an employee of the CEO came out and spent time with me and with my family, my kids really hate to see any of the puppies leave our home.  They are after all socialized from birth with my kids, and eventually the perfect puppy was chosen and he was on his way.”

Since then Denise has been in contact with the purchaser, because it’s important to her, that her puppies are  happy as their new adoptive parent(s) and family are.  “It’s vital to me to have updates, as you know people contact us all the time to tell us how the new puppy is adapting, and if ever there’s a problem or someone finds out they cannot care for the puppy, they are always welcome back here, this is where they were born, it’s the first home they ever have, and it’s their forever home, if need be.”

Denise has worked so hard to make so many families happy.  It’s an enterprise of love for her. Sure, she and her family have found it to be a way of maintaining their lifestyle, but Denise, whom I have known for years and vouch for, has been known to turn potential buyers down.  She will make sure that every puppy that leaves her home has the same level of love, attention, medical (Vet) care and socialization as they do on her farm.

Her dogs are healthy, happy, and as the CEO of Google can tell you, they are filled with love when they arrive at their forever home.

Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Freedom Farmz
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