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Freedom Farmz, Home To Santa Paws From The Disney Films And Great-Pyrenees Stars In The Valley, Highlight Hollywood News

Freedom Farmz? Yes, you’ve heard of it, or at least Santa Paws, in the famous Disney “Santa Paws” films. That’s right, the gorgeous, well-adjusted overly exciting and brilliant genius Great Pyrenees dog, with his sons and daughters, have been appearing for years in the Disney films.  They are produced and owned by dog breeder Denise, who just happens to be a dear friend of mine, and a person who I can personally vouch for.

Denise’s love of animals is only eclipsed by the love a mother has for her adorable and yes,  well-behaved kids.  Her home is not a kennel, it’s a home. That’s probably why her puppies are so well-adjusted and loving when they leave her beautiful farm in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles area, and arrive in their homes across the country.   For some reason, people fail to realize, that many of us love purebred dogs, and we seek out the best breeders, and Denise and her children are definitely NOT running what could possibly be called a puppy-mill.
Disney Studios, founded by the late great Walt Disney and his family have never had dogs this well-behaved and more importantly so well trained.  Santa Paws is a beautiful dog, which is bred by Denise and all of his offspring are very sought after.   Her Pyrenees are like none that I have ever witnessed  before. I grew up on a farm, most of the Pyrenees were anxious, a bit irritable, not very well socialized and to put mildly, wily.
Denise’s dogs are so calm, and it is in no small part of years of breeding properly and only utilizing her best dams and studs, to create beautiful eternally loving puppies, that grace the big screen in motion pictures, commercials, and you’ve seen Denise’s dogs recently on Animal Planet. 
I was stunned when I visited Denise’s beautiful farm the first time. It is like walking into a wilderness or “Grizzly Adams” from the 1970s.  Her kids and her dogs, lovingly greet you at the door, and you are just mesmerized by her clean home, her beautiful animals, who are not only treated better than most people treat humans, but they are so calm, loving and surprisingly laid back.
Great_Pyrenees_Puppy_3 (1)
Her Pyrenees puppies are not only Disney stars, but people from all over the U.S. are raving about them.  They come so loving and so calm.  But, when I hear people say that, it doesn’t surprise me at all.  From the moment these puppies are born, they are acquainted with Denise’s beautiful family, her kids are so careful, and they know how to handle them, of course with Denise supervising.  Relatives come to visit whenever Denise and her vet declare them able to interact with the outside world, and soon, they are learning from her kids, who lovingly train them, even before they are weaned it seems.
Denise’s love for her animals is proven in every way, by the fact, that Great Pyrenees are huge dogs, with potential issues, that I have never witnessed hers having.  Come on, they are able to sit on a movie set or a commercial set for hours, and calmly are cared for by Denise or others, who are supervising them for her. I frankly have never seen anyone more capable of handling dogs than Denise. Maybe perhaps her kids, but the family is definitely genetically predisposed to being what I would humbly call “Dog Whisperers.”
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Denise reminded me of her beautiful Pyr puppies, genesis.  “The Father of all of our Great Pyrenees puppies is our beautiful boy, Zeus. He had the starring role of *(“Santa Paws”) in the Disney movie (“Santa Buddies.”) His son Buddy had the role of “Puppy Paws.”

Independently talking with Disney Studios staffers, who have had the opportunity to work with Denise and her gorgeous dogs, they report that they have never seen a breeder more loving, who puts her dogs first.  If Denise doesn’t feel one of her dogs is comfortable that day on set, she calls it a halt, and they shut down production. It is what she does best. Putting her family first, and part of her family include these beauties.

Sadly with her success comes the horrors of public exposure, and the fact that people can and will make up things about you. I’ve learned that the hard way, but I am determined to focus and put a spotlight on breeders in the U.S. that I believe in.  Denise is at the top of that list.
Oh yeah, and so is Zeus!  Sure, you may think he’s a dog.  But I’ve met him, spent time with him, petted him, walked him. You may think he’s just a dog, but he and I tend to disagree. He’s a heck of a lot more!
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Freedom Farmz
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