Wed. Feb 19th, 2020

Highlight Hollywood’s Leading Men Gold Standard Goes To Doug Davidson And Don Diamont, Men Who Play Dysfunction But Are Anything But Dysfunctional In Their Acting

This week’s Leading Men Gold Standard goes to two handsome actors, who portray fathers, who find themselves at odds with what they believe to be best for their sons. Both of these men would have none of these problems, as they are truly amazing men and father-figures. One I’ve known for over 30 years and the other I am a huge admirer of as well.  Doug Davidson, who has portrayed Paul Williams on CBS’s number-one rated soap “The Young the Restless” and Don Diamont, who portrays Dollar Bill Spencer on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” are this week’s giants in television. Both men had highly emotional storylines, and though their alter-egos handled their problems differently, what these two great actors do on a daily basis deserves to be noticed. As well as the writing by Maria Arena Bell, for “Y&R” and Bradley P. Bell, for “B&B.”

Doug Davidson’s been a silent hero on “The Young and the Restless” for far too long. Thank goodness the powers that be are using this handsome and abundantly talented actor again. This week Paul confided in Christine how worried he is, that his son Ricky is not only devious and conniving, but could be a serial killer, much like his deranged mother Isabella. Paul’s guilt over not being the father figure, and there to raise his son was evident on the actor’s handsome face, while the depth of his concern for others outweighs his desire to confront Ricky.  Paul warned Phyllis that Ricky is obsessed with him, and he also planned on meeting one of his son’s friends, until he found out the man was killed in an automobile accident on his way to Genoa City.

When Christine told Paul, that it may just have been a tragic accident, the look that Paul gave Chris was devastating. He does believe that his son is dangerous and isn’t really in a position to hope for the best quite yet. The stress and worry on Paul’s face and in his emotions were played excellently by Davidson, who deserves an Emmy on his mantle at home or in his beautiful CBS dressing room. The fact that Doug has been such a solid actor from day one, to this day over 30-years later is a testament to great talent on his part.  I’m loving how Maria is writing Ricky, and how she has integrated Paul into the lives of Phyllis, Danny and most of all Cricket, all over again. The flawless efforts are definitely paying off, with this week’s best performance going to Doug.

And then there’s Don Diamont, who portrays the conniving patriarch and billionaire Bill Spencer, of L.A.’s premier family.  Don’s not one bit arrogant, in fact he’s the nicest guy in the business. So, to watch him be such a heel is exciting and fun to watch. I loved how Bill warned Deacon, not to cross him, then offered him a get out of jail-free card only if he did his bidding. That’s Dollar Bill, and he’s not to be toyed with, as Deacon may find out sooner than he knows.

Diamont’s performances with Heather Tom, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Scott Clifton are fun to watch, exciting to wonder, just what the hell is Bill going to do next? We know scribe Brad Bell has a lot of ideas going through that genius mind of his, and can hardly wait to see where it all goes from here? Italy, possibly?

Don’t miss “The Young and the Restless,” this year’s (2012) Emmy Award-nominated series for Best Dramatic Series, and “The Bold and the Beautiful” the recipient of that award in 2009, 2010 and 2011 weekdays on CBS daytime!

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Doug Davidson by Monty Brinton, Don Diamont by Gilles Toucas/Bell Phillip TV Productions
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