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Laci Kay A Rising Star In Hollywood Stars In The Upcoming ‘Olivia’, Kay’s The Next Hot Younger Leading Lady In Tinseltown, Highlight Hollywood Exclusive Interview

America is always looking for a Big Screen sweetheart; and Laci Kay is growing up to become just that.  The beautiful 13-year- old spoke exclusively with Highlight Hollywood on Thursday about her budding career as starlet in Hollywood. But what makes Laci so exceptional is not just because she’s gorgeous, a good kid, so talented and love what she is doing. It’s because her family, mainly her mom and dad, are always there guiding her career and are making sacrifices to make their daughter’s dream of stardom come true.


Laci’s upcoming role in “Olivia,” a film that focuses on a Narcoleptic young teen girl, in a school system dealing with bullies and the plight of bullying. “It is the most incredible role I have ever played,” the beautiful young starlet tells Highlight Hollywood. “I found myself being Olivia. In fact, on set I was called Olivia, only my mom called me by my real-name, Laci while I was filming on the set, Tommy.


The problems with teenage bullying I know first hand, I no longer go to public school as a result of it. I just hope this film will help others who are going through this.” This film, “Olivia” will be more than helpful to other kids dealing with bullying. It will be instrumental in making young Laci a well-known actress in Hollywood. It will put her on the short-list of casting directors in Tinseltown looking for new talent.  Laci may be young, but she’s the next Kristen Stewart coming up in the ranks of Hollywood, working very hard for years, doing commercials, currently she’s doing a play in Ventura at the Rubicon Theatre.  And not only is Laci a very good actress, but she really is an outstanding singer and dancer. And she learned to dance ballet just for the title role in Olivia.


“I was at camp when I got the role, Tommy.  We didn’t have cell phone service there, only in a small square could you find service, and my parents called, and my wonderful camp counselor told me they were on the phone. Both of my parents were so excited, and I was flown back to L.A. and spent a couple weeks learning ballet. I love dancing, but I was not a ballerina until I had to learn for the role,” said the young starlet.


“The others in the scene are real dancers, and the director was so helpful, she just told me to be and do the best I can. That’s what I learned in life is now my motto. I do the best I can. It may not be the best, but I know that it is the best I can do.” Not shy, Laci plays a very introverted young girl in “Olivia,” who suffers from narcolepsy.  I remembered when talking with Laci, how my late friend actress Jane Wyman said she was totally silent when she was filming “Johnny Belinda.” Laci said almost the exact thing about the process of playing a role of a narcoleptic in this film. “Tommy, I just became Olivia, not only on the set, but I’d come home and just go to my room and be quiet. It was so important to feel what Olivia was going through,” said Kay.

In the film, there is a pivotal scene where “Mean girls” bully a sleeping Olivia. Narcolepsy’s symptoms including fainting and also falling asleep. So in the scene where Olivia falls asleep at her desk, and the mean girls begin to throw paper at her, then scroll hideous words on to her face, Laci said that it was a very difficult but rewarding scene to play.


“That was a tough scene. I realized what a person with narcolepsy would have to endure, the bullying, the teasing, the taunting. When you are different, kids can be very mean to you. I know it’s happened to me. I was in school and I thought some of these girls were my friends, and they didn’t like me.  I have since learned that my parents, especially my mom are my best friends. They are always there for me, always willing to do everything for me. My mom even took time off from work in order to be on the set with me. My dad and mom both took me to work and spent the day with me on the movie set, it was a great experience and I am so glad that I have outlived the phase I hear all kids go through, when you are ungrateful. I realize now, that my parents not only gave me life, but they give me everything, and I love and appreciate them so much now,” said Laci.


The young actress has an enviable body of work for any actress. Almost two dozen credits to her resume, Laci is currently working on a TV series titled “Ms. Vampy’s Tween Tawk, Teen Tawk & In Between Tawk.” She also loves theatre and working in front of a live audience. Always professional, always prepared, she takes her career very seriously.  “How many kids get to do what they love to do? Most of us dream of growing up to become an actor, but thanks to my parents, I am doing this now. It’s my life, I’m so blessed to be living it,” said Laci. “Even when Olivia was suppose to faint I refused to use a matt in the film.  My mom would ask if I was hurting myself, and the director and producers were all concerned, but it didn’t hurt at the time, Tommy. I wanted to live in Olivia’s mind and body, that is how I wanted to do things.” It pays off. Laci is a truly gifted young actress, she lives in the moment, she breathes in her characters’ bodies. She transforms herself into doing whatever makes the role genuine and real.  This is what great actors do, and she has a list of great actors past and present that she loves.  When asked, who her favorite actress of all-time is, “Marilyn Monroe. She just emphasized every word. She may have been the best actress, but she sure was the most charismatic. I also love Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling,” said Kay.


See, finally I found a normal little girl. Her favorite actors are current heartthrobs and she has great taste. Channing is out now with “Magic Mike,” a story about his early life before he became famous, and Gosling is perhaps one of the five best actors of this era.  There is no sign of a spoiled or affected young kid when you meet Laci. She’s filled with love, light and a love and respect for her parents that is rare today in any child.

Laci was born in Tyler, Texas, then one day an opportunity came up for her dad to take a job transfer to Goleta, CA with his company, Cox Communications. Since her sisters and brother were almost out of high school they chose to stay back in Texas; the sisters with their dad and her brother with his mom, you see we are a blended family and Laci Kay was the glue to keep us all  attached since she was part of everyone. So her mom and dad and her moved to Ojai, CA and Laci Kay attended Mira Monte Elementary for the end of her 1st grade and all of 2nd grade. The acting bug hit as she performed in her first play in the 1st grade called “Rumpus in the Rainforest”.   Laci is also represented theatrically by famed agent Guy Kochlani from ATB Talent. She also attended Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts and met her favorite agent; Jeremy Apody from Abrams Artists who she still has to this day Commercially. Her first job with him was playing young Christina Aguilera in her video “Hurt”. After this happened, she got very busy doing what she loves to do; perform! So, her parents decided to move to Ventura, CA where we still live to this day so that dad’s commute to work would not be any longer and mom’s commute taking Laci into LA would be shorter. It seemed like a good choice as mom works for Macy Homes there anyway.


When Laci is not shooting commercials, movies or videos or acting or singing she still loves riding her bike, her electric scooter and razor scooter, flipping on her trampoline and most recently she is enjoying perfecting her skills on her new skate board! She also loves swimming and going to the beach and of course like all kids her age; texting and talking to her friends, watching Disney and Nickelodeon on TV and hanging out with all the family.  Laci’s favorite charities include Kids Against Animal Cruelty and The Shoe Crew.

Look for more on Laci Kay coming up soon. Highlight Hollywood will follow her rising career in Tinseltown. You can learn more about Laci Kay at the “Olivia” Trailer,  IMDB: And followe Laci at TWITTER:,  WEBSITE:, or on YouTube:,  and “Behind the Scenes” video  Here is another fun video:; Here are some Social Media Sites For Laci: ReverbNation:; Tumblr; Instagram; Vine; Keek

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Laci Kay’s Private Collection
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