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Ty Burrell, Sophia Vergara And Ed O’Neil Along With Cast Of ‘Modern Family’ Back On Set Today, Ty In The Makeup Chair, Lawsuit Settled Highlight Hollywood News

After a law suit over “illegal contracts” was resolved this week, the cast of ABC’s hit comedy are back on set today! Good news, “Modern Family” viewers and fans.   “First day back

Update: What Bar Alleges Happened When Cuba Gooding Jr. And Friends Arrived, Highlight Hollywood News

In the early morning  hours on Tuesday, at the The Old Absinthe House in the 200 block of Bourbon Street, Push came to shove allegedly, in fact, according to the bartender at

More On Michael Phelps’s Summer Olympic Win, Highlight Hollywood News

Michael Phelps is now the greatest swimmer in history, with more gold Metals than any one in Olympic history….but it didn’t come easy. Just before the 4X200 began, Phelps pulled his teammates

Brad Pitt Channels His Inner Cowboy On The London Set Of ‘The Counselor’, Highlight Hollywood News

Brad Pitt is known for being one of Hollywood’s most handsome leading men.  So, it’s not surprise that the handsome actor did what he does best. He played dress-up Tuesday on the

Michael Phelps Makes 2012 Olympic History, Highlight Hollywood News

The question on everyone’s mind Tuesday was: Would swimmer Michael Phelps break the Olympic record for the most career medals? Well, did he? Read on and find out. Yes, yes, he did

Team USA Rallies As Jordyn Wieber Turns Tears To Triumph On Tuesday, Highlight Hollywood News

Even though Jordyn Wieber may have failed to make the all-around finals, the sight of a crying Jordyn, all muscles in her blue leotard, became the image seen around the world. However,

Scout Willis Sentencing Today In Manhattan For Drinking In Public And Fake I.D., Highlight Hollywood News

Scout joins a list of celebrities who have been ordered to complete community service for committing a crime.  Scout Willis, 21, the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, was given two

Arrest Warrant Issued For Cuba Gooding Jr. After Bar Fight, Highlight Hollywood News

Cuba Gooding Jr. is currently a wanted man: the New Orleans Police Department have issued a misdemeanor battery warrant after receiving a complaint that the 44-year-old actor pushed a female bartender at

What Happens When Ezra’s Mother Meets Aria On Tuesday Night’s Exciting Episode of ABC Family’s ‘Pretty Little Liar’, Highlight Hollywood News, PREVIEW

Will Ezra Fitzgerald’s mom approve of his underage girlfriend? That’s the million dollar question. In Tuesday’s all-new episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” Ezra (Ian Harding, 25) gets a surprise from his mother,

Dennis Hopper’s 21-Year-Old Son Henry Hopper Has Been Sued And Accused Of Raping A 15-Year-Old Girl At His Venice Home, Highlight Hollywood News

Henry Hopper, who is 21-year-old son has been accused of raping a 15-year-old girl … after plying her with drugs and alcohol,  this according to a lawsuit obtained by and first reported