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American Art Awards’ Best Gallery for Idaho, Frederic Boloix Fine Arts, specializes in classical modernism and contemporary works. Located in Sun Valley and a member of the Sun Valley Gallery Association, Boloix has presented, for the first time in Idaho, exhibitions of paintings, drawings and works on paper by 20th Century masters Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse and Francoise Gilot. The gallery also represents a selection of contemporary artists who have internationally established careers.

Currently, Frederic Boloix Fine Arts is featuring work by renowned German American artist Rainer Gross, who recently had a 40 year retrospective at the famed Ludwig Museum in Koblenz. Gross’ “Logo” paintings are an organic amalgam of abstract expressionism and pop. In these highly textured oils, the viewer is confronted with almost subliminal hints of iconic logos, such as Google or Coca Cola. Rendered in a rich variety of layered pigments, they have the look of the logo detail on a weathered façade.

Frederic Boloix Fine Arts is also currently featuring work by Julian Voss Andreae, a quantum physicist turned artist, who explores the mysterious and fascinating implications of quantum physics in his sculptures. Massive from one angle and virtually invisible from another, these creations confront the viewer with matter and light composed of waves as well as particles; a theory that inspired the idea of parallel universes. FACEBOOK:

Pictured: Françoise Gilot’s “The Chinese Vase,” 2008 oil on canvas, 57 x 45″. Rainer Gross’s “Google,: 2011 oil on canvas, 48 x 48”. Julian Voss-Andreae’s “Quantum Man,” 2011 stainless steel, 72″ tall. Salustiano’s “Tamara With Spain Blouse,” 2009 natural pigments and acrylic on canvas, 49″ diameter.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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