Michael Phelps Makes 2012 Olympic History, Highlight Hollywood News

The question on everyone’s mind Tuesday was: Would swimmer Michael Phelps break the Olympic record for the most career medals? Well, did he? Read on and find out. Yes, yes, he did it! The 27-year-old made history Tuesday when he won his 18th and 19th medals, making him the most decorated Olympian in any sport. He took home the silver for the 200 butterfly and ended the night by winning gold in the 4×200 freestyle relay.
Phelps’s 19th medal surpassed the previous record holder, Larissa Latynina, a gymnast from the former Soviet Union, who won 18 individual medals, including nine gold in three different Olympic Games, at Melbourne in 1956, Rome in 1960 and Tokyo in 1964.

Latynina is still the only female Olympian to win nine gold medals.

Throughout his career, Phelps’ has won 15 gold, two silver and two bronze medals.

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