Sources Close To Billy Miller And To ‘Y&R’ Laugh Off The Idea The Hunk Will Be Gone In November, Highlight Hollywood News

An uproar has begun over what Billy Miller, who portrays the handsome Billy Abbott on CBS’s mega daytime drama “The Young and the Restless” did or did not say to a soap journalist at the Daytime Emmys. Well, if anyone knows Billy, they know he has nothing bad to ever say about “Y&R,” Maria Arena Bell or his costars. So whatever rumors followed may be a joke or not. However, Highlight Hollywood spoke with sources close to “Y&R” and to Miller, and they both laughed at the insinuation that Billy hated or wasn’t happy with his role on “The Young and the Restless.” “Billy knows that ‘Y&R’ gave him a shot and he’s been on the front-burner for years. He loves his role, his costars and he and Maria (Arena) Bell are friends not just boss and employee. Anyone who says Billy’s leaving is not informed, he’s not leaving, what he wants to do and is close to working it out, is that he wants to be able to do other things when they come up,” said the source.

“Over the past years, Billy has had to turn a few things down, he doesn’t want to do that again. But he considers this set to be his home. He adores his fans and the show, Billy’s no fool, he knows that this show is a great gig, and even if he didn’t like a storyline, which isn’t true, he’d never complain about it. Billy is a pro, he knows it’s a tough business and he has a prime gig at ‘Y&R’, and all he wants is more options to leave whenever he gets a role,” said a friend of Miller’s.

“Wow, it was surprising to hear that,” a set-side source at “The Young and the Restless” tells Highlight Hollywood. “If things were contentious, to you think Sony/CBS and the brass at ‘Y&R’ would have let Billy take an out in his contract and go to Australia to do the movie he just completed? Think about it, they would have been angry, and that was not the case. Maria worked it out, viewers barely missed Billy for more than a week or two at a time, and even before Billy went Down Under, the guy pre-taped scenes. Does that sound like someone who is unhappy? Sure, everyone young and handsome as Billy is, would love a movie career, and he’s hot enough to get one. But he’s not going to bolt from a place he is grounded at any time soon,” continued the “Y&R” source.

When asked if he plans to leave in November? The source added, “That’s hard to believe as well. They will work it out, I’m sure.  No one knows when Billy’s going, if he’s going. He doesn’t gossip, he’s not that kind of guy. He’s professional, knows his lines, loves working with Amelia and the entire cast and crew. Billy’s a businessman, he’s smart, and I can assure you, he’s not making comments at any events that would create friction for him. The funny thing is, when everyone heard it, they laughed, and said, ‘That’s not Billy, sounds like someone making headlines, but Billy’s not that guy!”

Soaps In Depth’s story seems to be the closet to the truth in this matter.  Highlight Hollywood will continue to investigate and report on Miller’s contract status, but an individual who is close to the negotiations says, the two parties are closer, not farther apart, than ever before.

So “Y&R” and Billy Miller fans, be heartened, that the most spectacular daytime leading man in TV today seems happy at his home at CBS TV City, definitely wants more roles, who as talented as Billy and handsome and sought after in the industry as he is, would not be?  But don’t get worried.

Billy Miller is the kind of guy that this will all end quietly, he’s not about to spout off and offend anyone, these people are like his family. And even though business is just that, business, he’s not haphazard about the stability “Y&R” has given him over the years. Billy’s only being gossiped about because when his latest “killer’ performance is aired to viewers, from his Aussie film, he’s going to only find his stock in Tinseltown upped quite a bit.  “Hollywood has been looking for a new Brad Pitt for a decade now,” a casting director at Paramount tells Highlight Hollywood. “This guy, he’s got it all, good looks, charisma, damn good talent, and he’s gossiped about. No one could create the buzz Miller seems to have floating around him.”

All in all, what an honor it is for Billy Miller to be the most talked about man in Hollywood, when he is by far the most private, and the most professional.

“The Young and the Restless” airs weekdays on CBS.

Sources Close To Billy Miller And To ‘Y&R’ Laugh Off The Idea The Hunk Will Be Gone In November, Highlight Hollywood News

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: CBS
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