Update: What Bar Alleges Happened When Cuba Gooding Jr. And Friends Arrived, Highlight Hollywood News

In the early morning  hours on Tuesday, at the The Old Absinthe House in the 200 block of Bourbon Street, Push came to shove allegedly, in fact, according to the bartender at the establishment, she was pushed not once, but twice, by Academy Award-winning actor Cuba Gooding, Jr.  Gooding is in the 24/7 party town of New Orleans, Louisiana filming a movie with Oprah Winfrey called “The Butler.”  The actor  and a group of his friends wandering into the bar for a night cap when patrons recognized him and started taking pictures like paparazzi in high gear, and then demanding that he pose with them. Mr. Gooding allegedly had enough, and demanded to be left alone, the crowd is said to have gotten even more rowdy.

The female bartender allegedly asked Cuba and group to leave, allegedly taking him by the arm, and she said, at that point Cuba pushed her. Another bar-keep called 911 to try to control the crowd, which reportedly was getting out of hand.

The bartender then says, she told Gooding,  that the cops had been called, and for him to leave. She then reported that on his way out that Gooding alleged pushed her again.
Cuba Gooding, Jr. os known is Hollywood as total gentleman.

New Orleans police have obtained an arrest warrant for Cuba Gooding, Jr. for municipal battery. The NOPD has been in contact with the attorney for Cuba Gooding, Jr.

His New York City based attorney, Peter Toumbekis has said Mr. Gooding is taking necessary actions to address the matter.

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Written By: Bobby Head, Editor-at-Large
Photographs are Courtesy: Link 81 Collection
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