‘Darkside Of The Bay’ Debuts Today With A Storm Brewing, A Tsunami Of Drama Heading To Bay City And Viewers Behold, Hot Studs Who Can Act Will Appear On Screen, Highlight Hollywood News

Fans have been begging for news from Gregori Martin of Lany Films as well as Highlight Hollywood readers wondering, when can we expect the next installment of “The Bay.” Well, I don’t have a date on that, but I have a date, TODAY, to report that “Darkside Of The Bay” premieres. That’s right, the “Darkside” returns, and if you are a fan of Martin’s Emmy Award-nominated drama “The Bay,” and you haven’t seen “Darkside Of The Bay” yet, then you’d better get a sedative, because this series will knock your socks off. Rib Hillis makes his dramatic return to soaps, and that’s not all. Kristos Andrews, Martha Madison and others including Jade Harlow are about to start a tsunami with sex appeal, high drama on land, but high seas action brought together with the award-worthy writing of Gregori Martin, and I’m not exaggerating one bit. You’d better look out for an unstoppable storm.

“Take heed,” I was told by Martin, but I say, take cover, when DARKSIDE OF THE BAY, the summer special spin-off of the Emmy-nominated THE BAY, premieres Thursday, August 9th at 3:15pm ET / 12:15pm PT.

The hot series revolves around THE BAY’s Generation Y, and it kicks into high gear in the first episode when a life or death situation is revealed when the younger residents of Bay City dare to venture into the wrong side of town. Is there any side of town safe in this city? Even lurking around the mansions of Sara Garrett, you can find an evil guy or two looking for action and causing havoc. And Sara’s handsome son just can’t help but walk on the wild side.

Featuring THE BAY’s KRISTOS ANDREWS (Peter Garrett), JADE HARLOW (Lianna Ramos), MARTHA MADISON (Marly Nelson-Foster), IGNACIO SERRICCHIO (Manny Ramos), TAYLOR STANLEY (Zoey Johnson), and DERRELL WHITT (Will Campbell), DARKSIDE OF THE BAY will blast on your computer screen, but be sure to have some sweet tea nearby, because it’s scorching hot and there’s stormy waters when Lianna, in her quest for another fix, stumbles into a situation too hot to handle.

Then, Will comes to her rescue again, putting his own life in jeopardy in the process. As Will searches for his missing mother and brother, Peter faces those intent on serving their own brand of justice. And no one can get out of trouble better than Peter; let us all just pray, that this time around he has one more of the nine lives he was born with, and hopefully he’s not on his last one.

Zoey shockingly dares to face the unthinkable after summoning Marly and Manny’s help. In the aftermath of all the chaos, Manny attempts to pick up the pieces of Marly’s shattered heart. And when Emmy nominated scribe Martin breaks a heart with his pen, sometimes only time heals the broken heart.

Fan favorite Scott Bailey as the overly persistent cold-hearted reporter, Nathan Perkins plans to wreak havoc on the lives of others, with acting coach and fan favorite Brian Gaskill as Chase Walker showing up as an arrogant thug who enjoys his job a bit too much. Is there any other kind of thug? Look for fallout in the future, past this episode, I have no doubt this character is going to have some secrets of his own, and TERRI IVENS stars as the sultry and knife-wielding call girl, Orchid.

CELESTE FIANNA returns as Tamara Garrett, a member of the Garrett family who harbors her own dark and seedy secrets. And the most highly anticipated debut for Highlight Hollywood readers is the handsome former model and talented daytime actor

RIB HILLIS, who guests stars as a scantly-clad Matthew Johnson who offers Lianna fair warning for what she is about to get herself into.

MASSI FURLAN will guest star also today, as Anton, a goon determined to exact deadly revenge on Peter Garrett for a murder he didn’t commit.
See what I mean? It’s a lot of trouble in Bay City, and Global Warming be damned, Martin’s sizzling hot drama for the summer is just what viewers need now that “Dallas” has ended its first season last night. This time around, “Darkside Of The Bay” will create a storm within, and expect nothing short of lightning action as this picks up at a fever pitch and doesn’t let you go.

Tune in on Thursday, Aug. 9th when the first of five installments of DARKSIDE OF THE BAY streams on http://www.thebaytheseries.com

For those who wish to support such excellent continuing drama, go to the Indie GoGo Campaign for Season 3 of THE BAY, which can be found at: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/150576?a=155304

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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