Iconic Star Tippi Hedren Spoke EXCLUSIVELY With Highlight Hollywood On: Appearing Before U.S. Congress Next Month, Working With Daughter Melanie On Fox’s ‘Raising Hope’ And Hitchcock

Tippi Hedren is not only an award-winning actress, she’s a passionate advocate for wild animals, and those wrongly kept in captivity to feed the almost barbaric need of mankind to control the wild. “Let us be the generation that puts an end to animal abuse and cruelty,” the stunning actress, who also makes her debut on Fox’s upcoming opening season of “Raising Hope.” “I am not afraid to stand up and I hope you and others will stand beside me to put an end to the senseless abuse animals endure, especially those in captivity and used for sickening entertainment reasons, such as carnivals, circuses, and others. I am not going to be a coward and not speak up. I’ve been at this since 1973, and now is the time Shambala needs your help, and the help of others,” said Ms. Hedren in an exclusive interview with Highlight Hollywood, the star spoke about her passionate fight to protect our wildcats and other animals across the planet, about the crazy role she plays on the upcoming season opener of a FOX series and even on the subject of being blacklisted in Hollywood thanks to her two-time director Alfred Hitchcock.

Spending an evening with one of the most beautiful women in the world is always a treat. But when that woman is Tippi Hedren, you know you are in the presence of greatness. Not only is Tippi one of the most talented, beautiful and celebrated actresses in Hollywood. But, just a few miles north of Los Angeles, the stunner is working very hard on her facility, which protects the lives and cares for the abandoned and oftentimes abused wildcats in America. “These animals should be able to live their lives, be born and die in the wild, of old age. It’s outrageous that we have people raising and breeding wild animals and exotic cats in America. If we don’t stand up and fight for them, then the dictators, who own our government and our Congress will win,” said Hedren.

Shambala is the preserve that Hedren is so passionate about. Shambala’s website is at: (www.Shambala.org) If you go to that site you can also learn more about the BILL before Congress, that lobbyists for selfish reasons are trying to force Congressmen to vote down. That Bill is in fact THE BIG CATS AND PUBLIC SAFETY PROTECTION ACT H.R. 4122. Ms. Hedren has worked tirelessly to get this before Congress, and despite threats on her life, she will not back down. The lady can use your help right now. Please contact your Congressman or Congresswoman, and tell them that you want them to vote for this bill to make it law of the land. And also, Shambala could use any donations, no matter how small or large to help Tippi to continue to help these beautiful creatures, that would be put down if Tippi did not care for them, and running Shambala costs $75,000 a month to maintain. None of the proceeds ever go to anyone or anything, only the care, food and protection of these cats.

“Yes, it is expensive to keep (Shambala) going, Tommy. The organization makes it off of donations, including my own. I have never nor will I take any payment for my services and work there. It is for these beautiful creatures, and hopefully after I go to Washington, D.C. next month (September 20), there will be a stop to this practice. This outrageous practice of raising and breeding exotic animals in the U.S.,” said Tippi.

Feld Entertainment, which owns Ringling Bros. Circus is one of those fighting Tippi Hedren’s efforts to end the senseless acts and treatment of animals, in order to bring Americans and people around the world some sense of crazy entertainment. “It’s amazing to me, Tommy, that Americans as well-informed as we are, cannot fully comprehend what goes on at these places, how baby elephants and even wild cats are tortured into submission to make them perform silly acts for applause. If young children had a clue what goes on, they would tell their parents, ‘don’t take me to the circus,’” Hedren tells Highlight Hollywood exclusively. “And you have no idea what I have endured for speaking up against this and against Mr. Feld’s business.” The point is, it is a business, and having researched this subject, I have learned that Feld Entertainment and others donate countless millions to Congress, both the House and the Senate, and that is how they are able to get away with this. “Everyone needs to call their Senators and their Congressman and tell them how important this is, and that they no longer want to see this practice in our great nation. Come with me on September 20, if not in person, please tell people to contact their federal legislators, and we cannot allow America to become like Nazi Germany, this time, being bought and sold by the wealthy and powerful,” said Hedren.

Feld Entertainment has been sited for at least five sanctions by the government for mistreatment of animals, but the media has not reported on it, and our federal legislators simply ignore it as long as We, the People remain silent. “Stand up, stand with me, by me,” said the stunning actress from “The Birds.” “It’s sickening and I’m just not going to be quiet and let thing continue. I know that others feel as passionate about this as I do.”

Passionate maybe not, but they need to be as aware. It would be difficult to compete with the level of passion Tippi Hedren has on this subject. “It is unconscionable to see what happens to these animals, Tommy,” Tipp continued. I was stunned by the fact that in the past the FBI had to be called to investigated death threats against this lovely lady, who is an American treasure. “I am now used to it happening, it’s all about money and power. And whenever someone speaks out and stands up to them, they start the threats,” the Golden Globe winning actress said. One such threat was to cause mortal harm to Ms. Hedren, as well as an effort to bring disease onto her compound where the beautiful cats are kept. Though measures have been taken to protect Ms. Hedren and her animals, the people who make a living, a very big living of abusing animals for entertainment show no signs of letting up. But neither does the advocate Tippi Hedren.

“Please just get the word out, Tommy. Yes, Shambala is under attack, but we will fight on, and your donations will be appreciated and are greatly needed. And your prayers as well. Some tell me I am putting myself in danger by standing up to these corporate bullies, but the one thing that is an ingredient of power and abuse of humans and other living creatures, is for us to be silent, and as long as I am alive, I won’t be silent about this, not until this inhumane practice against not just big cats but all these animals being tortured their entire lives in circuses are free to live their lives in the wild and in peace,” said Tippi.

Also, Highlight Hollywood can exclusively report that beautiful Tippi Hedren and her gorgeous daughter Melanie (Griffith) will both appear on the season opener of FOX’s “Raising Hope.” Tippi plays a (dead woman), who leaves a video will. And not giving away the plot, which you must see. It’s going to have you rolling in the floor with laughter. “I tape it this coming week, Tommy. And when I read the script I laughed so hard, I cried. Melanie is in Paris right now, so we haven’t had a chance to talk about it, but needless to say, I am honored to be working with her and [Academy Award-winning actress] Cloris Leachman. It’s the season opening episode, and if the rest of the season is half as entertaining, you’ll have to see the show, Tommy,” said Tippi. “To put it mildly, I am ecstatic to be on the chaotic and tremendously entertaining set this Wednesday.”

Working with tremendously talented people is something the award-winning actress is known for. Coming up this fall is the biopic about Hitchcock and the making of “The Birds” and other films. Knowing the history in Hollywood that Hedren after making “The Birds” and “Marnie” was the most white hot young starlet in the entertainment industry. But she did not work for years and years due to Hitchcock’s anger that she rebuffed his sexual advances. This became well known in Tinseltown, and Hitch was known to get affectionate with his blonde leading ladies. Stars such as Tippi, Grace Kelly, Kim Novak and Joan Fontaine became famous for their work in the legendary director’s amazing epics. But if he was rebuffed, his venomous temper would kick in. “I just feel that he may have ruined my career, for a time, but at no time, did I allow him to ruin my life,” said Hedren. “And that’s how I feel about these men that are fighting my efforts to get federal legislation to outlaw abuse of animals and raising and breeding of exotic creatures, especially the big cats.”

It all leads back to Shambala, and the striking actress’s devotion to protecting these wild creatures. You can do your part as well, by going to Shambala’ website at: (www.Shambala.org)

Highlight Hollywood will have part 2 of Tippi Hedren’s exclusive interview Sunday night in The Hills column, and please go to Shambala and make a donation, and if nothing else learn about her Sept 20th keynote address to the U.S. Congress in support of her Bill “Safety Act,” to stop the domestic breeding of exotic felines for personal possession.

We will also have an exclusive look very soon at the HBO Movie Drama coming out in October called “The Girl,” which goes into detail about the actress’s tormented work with Hitchcock.

Spending the evening with Tippi Hedren. Now you get to see just what it was like. Perhaps it could be compared to spending a dinner or evening with the late Cleopatra or Queen Victoria of England? Whatever it was like spending time with those two iconic women, I feel very grateful to be the one to spend time with and report on one of Hollywood’s most iconic legends of all time.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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