Just As Comedy Legend Phyllis Diller Left Us On Monday, Could The Ladies Of Comedy Be Headed To California Women’s Conference, Highlight Hollywood News

The California Women’s Conference (Sept 23-24) is proud to present what may be the final punch to the mistaken canard that women aren’t suppose to be funny. You’ll want to be there, when the “Women In Comedy” panel unleashes funny ladies on the so-called “women-aren’t-funny problem.” Respected comediennes and speakers, Geri Jewell and Judy Carter are set to appear to discuss comedy from an X chromosome perspective and the old-fashioned male-dominated misconception that “girls telling jokes are unlady-like.” These comedy pioneers have blazed the trails today’s funny ladies tread.

Judy Carter (http://judycarter.com/) knows how to reduce the stress in your workplace laughter is the best medicine,” and she’s the expert in “Healthcare Humor Comedy Consultation. She’s also the author of “The Comedy Bible,” and will share how to capture positive energy and attention while increasing your productivity and fun.

Geri Jewell (http://www.gerijewell.com/) was the first person with a disability to play a regular role on a primetime series, “The Facts Of Life.” She’s still a comedic actress — when she’s not busy with motivational speaking, consulting and training seminars for major corporations, standup comedy, and film. Geri is famous for her ability to touch hearts and audiences, using humor to turn attitudes around, creating hope and even joy from pain.
The panel’s moderator, David Misch (http://www.funnythebook.com/), literally wrote the book on comedy. Misch’s opus, “Funny: The Book/Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Comedy” covers humor from before pre-history through ancient Rome, and right into next week. His TV and movie comedy credits include “Mork and Mindy,” Duckman, Saturday Night Live, and The Muppets Take Manhattan. Misch began his career as a stand-up and in his book he covers the misconception that women aren’t funny.”

NOTE: ADVANCE TICKET PRICES ARE LIMITED. Tickets are available at www.CaliforniaWomensConference.com. For more information about the “Women in Comedy” and other celebrated panels and speakers, please visit http://californiawomensconference.com/program/program-at-a-glance

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