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Mitt Romney Rouses The Crowd, Tells Stories About His Life And Career As He Accepts The Republican Nomination For President On Thursday, Highlight Hollywood News

Mitt Romney’s speech tonight defied all critics’ idea of what he would convey. No one expected his heart rendering speech about his life, his successes, his failures, but it was pointedly too

Red Bluff Point Surfer In Australia Attacked By A Deadly Shark, Victim Hospitalized In Perth, Highlight Hollywood News

Red Bluff Point is a world-class lefthander, and is a popular destination for Aussie surfers looking to find empty perfection in a remote location. It has even appeared in numerous surf films

Lindsay Lohan Escaping Hollywood And Moving Back To Her Home In New York, Highlight Hollywood News

What? Lindsay is leaving Hollywood? It’s going to be a dull town without this young lady. The paparazzi may have to get REAL jobs. Apparently, this is what is coming down. The

‘The Young And The Restless’ Fires Kevin Schmidt And Hires Robert Adamson To Portray Noah Newman, Highlight Hollywood News

The “Y&R” shakeup continues. Not only has Jill Farren Phelps and Sony decided to not renew Christel Khalil’s contract. However, recently the talented, handsome, young beloved actor Kevin Schmidt, who portrays Noah

‘True Blood’ Hunk Alex Skarsgard Loses Weight And Puts On A Beard For His Next Thriller ‘Hidden’, Highlight Hollywood News

Always hunky “True Blood” Viking vampire decided he needed a makeover. Or, was it his director? Images of Alex Sarksgard shows he has drastically transformed his appearance for upcoming thriller, “Hidden.” Skarsgard,

Highlight Hollywood Celebrates With FOUR Celebrities Having A Birthday Today

Best birthday wishes from HIGHLIGHT HOLLYWOOD to FOUR of our favorite film and TV personalities and the people that dress them too! May this be the most fun-filled exciting day of your

‘Jersey Shore’ Goes Into It’s FINAL Season On October 4, Highlight Hollywood News

It’s almost up! MTV has announced today that “Jersey Shore” will premiere it’s final season on October 4 at 10 p.m.  Althought MTV’s highest rated series in history is still very popular

LeAnn Rimes Enters Rehab For Anxiety And Emotional Issues, Say Reports, Highlight Hollywood News

After months of speculation about LeAnn Rimes’s health and well-being, dropping a large amount of weight and some erratic behavior some report, People magazine broke the news on Thursday that LeAnn is

New Political Twitter War Breaks Out Between ‘Celebrity Apprentices’ Clay Aiken And John Rich, Highlight Hollywood News

To say that most Americans are tired of all the political garbage coming from both sides in the political debate would probably be an understatement! Now we have to deal with the

Fox News Sidelines Sarah Palin On Wednesday Night Before Her Numerous TV Appearances, ‘Things Have Changed’ Says Fox, Highlight Hollywood News

The Honey Boo Boo of the Republican Party, who famously went to a school in Pennsylvania carrying sugar cookies, only days after First Lady Michelle Obama spoke out in support of healthy