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‘Homeland’ Exploded Tonight On Showtime, As More Shockers Were Revealed On The Emmy Award-Winning Drama, Highlight Hollywood News

The multi-Emmy Award-winning Showtime drama “Homeland” came roaring back, and not resting on its laurels.  After the show in its first season won an incredible amount of Emmys, for Best Actress in

HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’s Sunday Night Show Title ‘Bone For Tuna’ Showed The Affects On Nucky For Murdering Jimmy, Will Nucky Collapse Under The Guilt? Highlight Hollywood News

On the hit HBO period drama “Boardwalk Empire,” the theme is demanding respect. But what the resident of Atlantic City lack in respect, they make up in guns and bullets. Tonight’s “Bone

ABC’s Sunday Night Lineup ‘Once Upon A Time’, ‘Revenge’ And Newest Soap ‘666 Park Avenue’ Returned With Shockers And Excellent Stories, Highlight Hollywood News

ABC’s Sunday night lineup is strong. One wondered how they would ever compete with the HBO, Showtime and other cable networks wonderful shows. But, ABC proved it’s still packing a major punch

‘Dexter’ Are You? All The Answers Are Shocking To Say The Least, Tonight’s Season Premiere Of The Showtime Hit Even More So, Highlight Hollywood News

“Are You …?” “Yes.” After Dexter and Deb said those words, we know that everything changes, and not for the better for our favorite serial killer, but fans and viewers will be

This Week In The Hills: Maria Arena Bell Is Celebrated, Constance Towers Reports On The LA Philharmonic Opening And George Chakiris Collection Remains An International Success, Highlight Hollywood News

This Week In The Hills Hollywood is reeling from the murder of a beautiful and beloved neighbor in Los Feliz. It was the shocking murder and suicide of “Sons of Anarchy” star

More Trouble, Lindsay Lohan 25-Year-Old Claims Christian LaBella, A Former Republican Staffer Attacked Her At W Hotel In Manhattan, Highlight Hollywood News

Where Lindsay Lohan goes, trouble seems to just follow. Again, her supporters will say, it’s not her fault, it’s everyone picking on her. Such as the school bullies moms’ always said, “not

‘Les Misérables’ Leading Lady Anne Hathaway Marries Adam Shulman In California’s Elegant Big Sur Region On Saturday, Oscar Should Follow, Highlight Hollywood News

Beautiful actress Anne Hathaway, who may end up with an Academy Award for her amazing performance in the upcoming film Les Misérables was married to beau Adam Shulman on Saturday night in

‘The Walking Dead’ Season Premiere Available For DISH Customers Online, After That You Must Switch Your Cable Provider, Highlight Hollywood News

Over the summer some viewers of AMC learned that their provider (DISH) would no longer offer their customers the cable network.  AMC is one of cable’s best. They have groundbreaking and award-winning

FIVE Stars Born On September 30, Say Happy Birthday Along With Highlight Hollywood To…

Best birthday wishes from HIGHLIGHT HOLLYWOOD to FIVE of our favorite film AND TV personalities, plus one of the greatest singers of the 20th Century! May this be the most fun-filled exciting

Highlight Hollywood’s Leading Men Gold Standard, Daniel Dae Kim, Stephen Nichols And Don Diamont, Powerful Actors, Strong Characters And Unstoppable Energy On Screen

Good things come in pairs, Great things come in threes!  This threesome of Highlight Hollywood Leading Men Gold Standard goes to the week’s best actors in television, who each had significant dramatic