‘Bo’ Wins Best Short Documentary At The Hollyshorts Film Festival, Highlight Hollywood News

It is rare that a film stays with me more than a few days, particularly one that is a mere twenty minutes long. But I find my mind wandering back to the Hollyshorts Film Festival’s Best Documentary winner, “Bo”, jointly presented by Mindgate Productions and Dreamsequences. http://www.bothefilm.com/

“Bo” is Bo Hitchcock, a criminal defense attorney facing his own death sentence in the form of esophageal cancer. Choosing quality over quantity, Bo refuses chemotherapy and goes into the jungles of Peru to search for wellness. What he finds deep in the jungle is the reason why I keep thinking about him and this documentary.

It is a simple ordinary story of one man facing his own mortality. But in the hands of Dave Schwep and Kelly McCoy (Co-directors and Cinematographer/Editor respectively), the ordinary becomes the extraordinary after the audience is introduced to Bo. He is an immediately likable person and one hell of a defense attorney which he demonstrates and is echoed by colleagues and a client in their interviews. The client’s hilarious recommendation of Bo is alone worth seeing. But it is in Bo’s search for wellness where the documentary film transcends the ordinary from one dying man’s self-discovery into an extraordinary dispatch for the rest of us left behind.

The cinematography of the Peruvian jungle is exceptional and the smart, brisk editing serves the story rather than the film maker’s egos. Deftly mixing pathos with humor throughout, one scene in particular of Bo “tripping”, clearly shows these two film maker’s masterful skill in combining great story telling, cinematography and editing. It is near brilliance.

The two film makers, Schwep and McCoy, tell an unvarnished story without self-pity, self-indulgence or cheap manipulation. It is a razors edge they walk and walk so well that the homage they pay Bo, I too share even never having met him.

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Written By: Richard Hawkins, Highlight Hollywood Contributor
Photographs are Courtesy: Link 81 Collection
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