CBS’s Ladies Of ‘The Talk’ Bared All Without Makeup Today, But Some Looked Like Bears, Highlight Hollywood News

When the ladies of CBS’s “The Talk” announced they were going to be on air for the season premiere without makeup, I remember thinking, what a great gimmick. It’ll garner a great deal of attention and bring the show buzz. After all, ever since CBS’s honcho, Julie Chen’s husband canceled our beloved “As The World Turns” in order to bring “The Talk” on board, it’s been trying to capture an audience much like ABC’s “The View” did over a decade ago.  So on came Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, Aisha Tyler and Sheryl Underwood on Monday’s episode. And what was the reaction! Ugh!
Even without makeup Sara Gilbert is adorable. I love Sara and she can pull anything off. Probably because she’s still so young. What I was shocked about, was that Sharon Osbourne still is quite attractive without makeup. So good on you, Sharon!  But disasters for Underwood, Chen and Tyler. Oh, my! Please ladies, let this gimmick be your last one without makeup again. This most certainly did not work. I’m not a male-chauvinist, I’m not being mean; but, please, Julie Chen, you need your mask. You are gorgeous with makeup, hideous without it! Aisha, you were a hot mess! And with your mouth running the whole time, it brought too much attention to a face that is not pretty enough to be on-air for a full-hour without some rouge!  Sheryl Underwood? There are no words to describe what you look like with makeup. So without? It’s a totally disaster.

I think it was Joan Crawford who once was quoted as saying, “When men look at us on screen, they don’t want the girl next door. If they want the girl next door, they will go marry them.”  Please ladies, take Miss Crawford’s advice. It was not a pretty picture!

Now, what about stunning Katherine Kelly Lang? She looked beautiful! HOT! Michelle Stafford? Refreshing, lovely!  Melody Thomas Scott? Genuine, beautiful. And yes, my friend Jamie Lee Curtis looked great. And here are four more reasons why “The Talk” ladies need to keep on their masks. Please, I’ll chip in for CBS to buy makeup if you need it. Please keep it on the rest of the season! And Sheryl, don’t ever bear your shoulders. You looked more like a linebacker ready to tackle Tim Tebow!  Sheryl, if George Zimmerman saw you walking down the street. You’d be in BIG trouble!

“The Talk” airs weekdays on CBS.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: CBS
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