‘Dexter’ Are You? All The Answers Are Shocking To Say The Least, Tonight’s Season Premiere Of The Showtime Hit Even More So, Highlight Hollywood News

“Are You …?” “Yes.” After Dexter and Deb said those words, we know that everything changes, and not for the better for our favorite serial killer, but fans and viewers will be in for a treat this seventh season.  Dexter’s Dark Passenger is about to be unleashed and this season, he’s going to find another thorn in his side, and it’s his boss.   The seventh season premiere of Showtime’s Dexter, continuing where the shocking finale ended, completely changed the face of the series now that Deb is fully aware of Dexter’s true nature — a serial killer.

Michael C. Hall says, “It changes fundamentally, certainly for her. He’s got a real high-wire act trying to defend himself, justify who he’s been, how he’s been and ultimately let her know that he’s going to continue [being a serial killer].”

After foolishly helping Dexter cover up Louis’ murder at the church, Deb began questioning why Dexter was so prepared to kill him (with plastic wrapping, knives and a change of clothing handy) and follows her instincts to investigate the case of the Ice Truck Killer — aka Dexter’s brother, Rudy. Later having flashbacks to her time on the table where she nearly died (wrapped in the same plastic), she later ransacks Dexter’s apartment to find everything, including his prized box of trophy blood slides.

Things just went awry, as Dexter did all he could to keep Deb from getting closer to his secrets.  While Dexter went outside Harry’s suggestion that he never tell Deb about his Dark Passenger, how she’ll respond to news of who he really is isn’t his only problem. Louis, Masuka’s (C.S. Lee) ace intern, is a little more than obsessed with Dexter. After rejecting his homicide-themed video game, Louis had the Ice Truck Killer’s hand and sent it to Dexter last season. Matters get worse when Dexter is ticked off when Louis uses his laptop when visiting Jamie, prompting him to cancel his credit card.

“Dexter underestimated just how much of a blow it was when he rejected Louis’ game. He will come to appreciate that he’s created a bit of a monster by rejecting him so forcefully,” Hall says. “That’s going to be bit of a monkey wrench for a time for him.”

Also,  LaGuerta discovered Dexter’s blood slide from Travis’ murder at the church and reclaimed it after Masuka told her that the only person from Miami Metro to use blood slides for crime scenes was her old friend Sgt. James Doakes, aka whom everyone thinks was the Bay Harbor Butcher.  But she’s not stupid, she’s determined to get to the bottom of this case.  And now she’s not trusting her own team anymore.  That means danger for Dexter.

Who will become this season’s biggest threat for Dexter? Will it be Deb, with her now knowing that he’s a serial killer, or will it be LaGuerta, who could reopen the Bay Harbor Butcher case?

Viewers loved the episode tonight.  Phillip Robinson  said, “Man that was without a doubt the best opening episode of Dexter yet. This season is gonna be crazy…” while  Karol Garcia  exclaimed, “Whoa!! What Great start for season 7…Go team Dexter” Steven Sanders thought it was, “Worth the wait.” “Impressive season opener, I’m excited for next week,” said Jonathan Gadoury.  Phillip Robinson concluded, “ Wonder how their relationship will change now? So many questions. The whole flow of the show has been changed.”

“Dexter” airs Sunday nights  at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Showtime
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