Tue. Feb 18th, 2020

HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’s Sunday Night Show Title ‘Bone For Tuna’ Showed The Affects On Nucky For Murdering Jimmy, Will Nucky Collapse Under The Guilt? Highlight Hollywood News

On the hit HBO period drama “Boardwalk Empire,” the theme is demanding respect. But what the resident of Atlantic City lack in respect, they make up in guns and bullets. Tonight’s “Bone for Tuna” was no different. Although Nucky constantly likes to present himself as all-powerful and worth the respect in his community, it’s clear that Nucky’s choices are coming back to haunt him.
Turns out, becoming more than half-a-gangster does some damage to the man’s soul, and his mind. In  particularly when it calls for murdering a protégé, who was almost son-like figure. After spending all of last week’s episode more or less hiding in New York City, Nucky’s emotional issues worsened in this week’s “Bone for Tuna,” leaving him dead-tired, having visions, and feeling terribly troubled by his thoughts, most of which were focused on one Jimmy Darmody.

Most memorable was Richard taking issue with Mickey, who bragged to his underlings that he (and not Richard) killed Manny, simply as a way to motivate his crew with fear. Richard kidnapped Mickey, took him to Nucky, and flat-out admitted that he killed Manny as payback for Angela’s death, which I thought was a small but powerful moment. Richard isn’t afraid to take credit for what he’s done, and most surprisingly, he’s not afraid to let Nucky keep on living even though he’s very aware of what happened to Jimmy. I think that’s because, while Richard can handle the blood on his hands, he knows that Nucky can’t—and it’s better torture to let Mr. Thompson freak out on his own. Mission accomplished.

Respect is a very hard thing to come by in the under-world of bootleg whiskey and Mafia hits. However, HBO’s drama is sailing into home plate this third season of “Boardwalk Empire,” which airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: HBO
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