Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

‘Homeland’ Exploded Tonight On Showtime, As More Shockers Were Revealed On The Emmy Award-Winning Drama, Highlight Hollywood News

The multi-Emmy Award-winning Showtime drama “Homeland” came roaring back, and not resting on its laurels.  After the show in its first season won an incredible amount of Emmys, for Best Actress in a Drama Series, Best Actor in a Drama Series and Best Drama Series, no one could imagine the return would be better than the finale. The chemistry between Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) and Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) was sensational.

With such deep and rich chemistry, amazing energy between the lead actors, “Homeland” not only tackles the topic of terrorism—but also how it relates to the human condition. With the premiere of season two, we are left with each of the main characters in substantially different positions of influence: Brody is filling the shoes of a Congressman because of a scandal, and Carrie is living with the disappointment of being fired from the CIA, while slowly progressing from the disorder that absolutely paralyzed her at the closing of season one.

Tonight Carrie sifted through the garden at home almost expressionless. This is vastly different from the last time we saw her: receiving jolts of electroshock therapy in an emotional scene that was difficult to watch. I wanted to look away, but the flashback clips of her and Brody connecting were far too powerful. The most painful part wasn’t watching her physically in pain; it was the mental torture of knowing that she was right about Brody. But the Carrie we saw tonight is quite different than the one we saw last season. And she proved she deserved to be an employee of the CIA.

There was an understated amount of dialogue this week, and it worked perfectly. This show has the most creative writing team on Showtime. Brody’s secret life and newfound religion came back to bite him, but he saved his daughter from being accused of being a liar, by being forced to admit the truth to his shocked and petrified wife.

This storyline starts fresh, instead of rehashing last seasons dilemmas, this season starts anew.  Abu Nazir, his wife, the Vice Presiden, all have plans for Brody and he’s merely shedding the one thing that was truly his own. We got it tonight, it’s all about  his Muslim faith.

Meanwhile, David Estes has offered Carrie a three-day mission to the Middle East to track down an informant who will only share information with her. (He is painfully clear in mentioning that this is not her getting her job back). The informant has info on an attack against America, leaving Carrie as the individual for the task. But being prepared came as a cost to Carrie.

At the end of tonight’s premiere, we saw an inkling of the old Carrie as she eludes a man while en route to meet up with Saul. During the pulse-pounding chase scene, Saul told her to quickly get rid of the phone and give herself up. But, it didn’t turn out to work that way. Just a small taste of that old life has her showing resistance and following her instinct. She is cornered by the man but catches him by surprise, knocks his gun away and runs off unscathed.

“Homeland” airs on Sunday nights at 10 p.m. on Showtime following “Dexter.”

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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