Will Bleeding The Beast Become Mitt Romney’s Achilles Heel, And Is Governor Romney Saying The FLDS Sect Of His Latter Day Saints Church Are People Who Will Vote For President Obama? I’d Say Not, Highlight Hollywood News

It’s always been amazing to me, how country club Republicans look at the rest of the nation.  Maybe some people are too poor or not making enough to pay income taxes, but most of them 87 percent in fact, pay payroll taxes, they also all pay personal property taxes and some real estate taxes to their states. Also, the fact that Governor Romney would include Social Security recipients in the category of the Americans who frankly need a safety net and are on public assistance is appalling. This is the same party and same sect of the party that used 3 years of calling the President of the United States a Muslim and a Kenyan. Both are incorrect, but that didn’t stop them from their torrent of hate-filled attacks. Now, one has to ask, will the hundreds of thousands of Mormons, which 87 percent are on public assistance and call it; “Bleeding the Beast” vote for President Obama? I think not!

The reason these people can be on welfare and other public assistance and do so for a living, is because they are polygamous. And therefore a man can only legally claim one wife, while many have dozens of them.  

Every American remembers the conversations we were having just months ago when Warren Jeffs, who had almost 60 wives, and all of which were, and are still receiving Welfare from the Federal government, was convicted of raping 9-year-old girls, while sister wives, including the girls’ own mothers held them down. He was an elder in the (Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), which considers using Welfare as part of  “bleeding the beast,” or taking advantage of government money.

A former polygamist sect member, Laurie Allen, talked about it in an interview on In Session. Allen produced “Banking on Heaven,” a documentary about the FLDS under Jeffs’ leadership. During several interviews, Allen claimed the FLDS collects food stamps and other forms of public assistance because many of the women technically are still single.

In the FLDS, multiple women are often “celestially married” to one man, with only one of the women being legally married to their collective husband. That means the other illegitimate wives can collect assistance for themselves and their children. Allen said the group also collects government assistance for children with disabilities – disabilities she attributes to inbreeding in the FLDS community. She claims “in the state of Arizona alone, they’re getting between 20 and 30 million dollars a year” and most of the members “are living off taxpayer money.”

She interviewed former Attorney General Terry Goddard in her documentary. Goddard told her 80 percent  of the FLDS members are on welfare and more than 4,000 of them have state medical insurance access.

In 2006, CNN’s Randi Kaye wrote a blog detailing how polygamy affects taxpayers. In the blog, Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff made a similar assertion, stating “their religious belief is that they’ll bleed the beast, meaning the government. They hate the government, so they’ll bleed it for everything they can through welfare, tax evasion and fraud.”

Another example of bleeding the beast involves property taxes. In 2005, a judge appointed an accountant to help collect more than a million dollars in overdue property taxes from polygamist property owners living in Colorado City, Arizona. Six years later, the group is said to owe more than $2 million in delinquent property taxes in Colorado City and Hildale, Utah.

The problem with Class warfare, is that argument cuts both ways. Perhaps a man, who has frankly run far away from his faith in order to get bigots within his party to vote for him, should be very mindful of what he says when he’s around people in private donor parties, who don’t like him any more than they like or respect the President because of his race.  The inference that bigots and Republicans, almost one in the same, use to describe welfare is always to put a minority face on it. Black, Hispanic, Native American. They fail to know the facts, or to tell the truth. 78 percent of Welfare in America is received by White Americans. And 87 percent of Mormons are recipients of Welfare and other social benefits. I’d say, these Welfare Kings and Queens will cast their vote for Governor Romney, not for President Obama. The Mormon Church considered African Americans to be animals and not fully human until the 1970s.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: AP
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