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Though New York And New Jersey Get The Greatest Amount Of Focus, West Virginians Remains Paralyzed While Trying To Dig Themselves Out Of The Blizzard From Frankenstorm, Highlight Hollywood News

Highlight Hollywood refuses to forget those in Hurricane Sandy’s Frankenstorm path. And West Virginia may not have taken the beating New Jersey’s coastline and much of New York City, from Queens to

NFL Great Tim Tebow Has Been Sidelined And Taken Off The Market By Beautiful Camilla Belle, Highlight Hollywood News

New York Jets giant quarterback Tim Tebow, 25, is dating Push actress Camilla Belle, a source confirms Highlight Hollywood.  TMZ spotted the couple bowling with pals at Latitude 30 in Jacksonville, Florida,

‘Noah’s Ark’ Production Starring Russell Crowe Halted Due To Hurricane Sandy, Highlight Hollywood News

So, Russell Crowe doesn’t have the determination that Noah had in the Old Testament? The man described as one of the best actors in the history of Hollywood is unable to work

Big Time Hollywood Conservative Kelsey Grammer Defends Taking Three And A Half Month Old Baby Girl To Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion For A Party, Highlight Hollywood News

Kelsey Grammer recently ran off the set of Piers Morgan on CNN, just moments before he was to appear as the main guest, and he preaches and cries about not getting an

While Government Dysfunction Is Decried By Many, New Jersey’s Governor Christie And Newark’s Mayor Cory Booker Come Through Disaster With High Marks, Highlight Hollywood News

Hurricane Sandy became a Frankenstorm when it hit the coast of New Jersey, but it cannot defeat New Jersey with the two men the state has in charge of its state and

President Obama Puts Politics Aside Despite Taunts From The Political Right, And Works With 20 U.S. Governors And Dozens Of Mayors To Help The Victims Of The Horrific Superstorm, Highlight Hollywood News

It’s expected that Governor Romney would kick his campaign back in gear, he has a job to do, to win an election. But the taunts by the political right, Tea Party bigots

Only 48 Hours After Hurricane Sandy Ravaged The Northeast, Governor Romney Plans To Kick His Election Back Into High Gear On Wednesday, Highlight Hollywood News

With election day less than a week away, and the nation gripped in the aftermath of the horrific Frankenstorm, Hurricane  Sandy, and President Obama facing the challenges of helping states like New

Happy Halloween In Port Charles, Helena’s Flying In On Her Broom, As Constance Towers Returns To ‘General Hospital’ Today, Helena Arrives In November, Highlight Hollywood News

It’s officially Halloween, and what would be better than our favorite witch Helena Cassadine returning to Port Charles. Well, not quite. But the actress, who portrays Helena Cassadine on the hit ABC

Jessica And Ashlee Simpson’s Dad, Papa Joe Caught With 21-Year-Old Lover After Wife Tina Finds Photos And Missing Money, Highlight Hollywood News

The Simpson saga continues. And no, not O.J.’s family this time around, it’s Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson’s fabled parents, and their dad, a former minister, and soon to be ex-husband to

Tonight Was A Night Of Surprises On ABC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ And Taylor Swift Performed, Highlight Hollywood News

Country week on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” ended in tears tonight.  Apolo Ohno and Sabrina Bryan’s shocking return and the injury-rebound performances by Shawn Johnson and Melissa Rycroft on Monday night