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After A Quake And Darkness, Cosmic Finds Lola, An Angel Sent To His Aid At A Time Of Crisis, Highlight Hollywood News

Cosmic has been on this arduous journey for years. He’s found solace in finding new friends along the way. However, just before Halloween, Cosmic found himself caught in a small earthquake just outside of Boulder, Colorado. Odessa his Doberman Pinscher given to him by Steve ran off in fright, and Casper his bunny rabbit, who has been with him since he ventured into Santa Fe scampered off into the woods just before the earthquake stopped rolling back and forth.

Cosmic was heartsick. He needed companionship, when he heard the sweetest cherub-like soft voice saying, “Meow!” Cosmic was so tired from his journey, that he thought to himself, that he was hearing things. So, he put down his sleeping bag, started a fire, and the meowing seemed to stop. He then did believe that it was only his imagination and his loneliness, and could not be an angel.

But, after he fell asleep, a sound scurried through the woods. Could it be Odessa? No, it was too light. Could it be Casper? God, we sure hope so. What could be coming toward Cosmic, while his fire is dying down and he’s in a deep sleep? Hopefully it’s not danger. Well, it isn’t. It is the most beautiful golden-colored kitten Cosmic had ever seen, as he was opening his eyes, rubbing them and trying to see for himself, “Am I dreaming? Is this what I think it is,” Cosmic said.


Just then, he reaches down, and the kitten jumps into his arms, and begins to purr. Cosmic missing his traveling companions, who both have traveled with him for months, through bad weather, fires, being chased by evil spirits, visiting spirits from beyond. And so, was this God’s gift to him? Sure it was. And as he rubbed and petted the beautiful kitten, which he had never seen such a gorgeous creature before. He felt something around the kitty’s neck. It said, “My name is Lola, and I belong to Gaby. If you have found me, return me to my mom.” Cosmic saw a phone number and a street address on the tag attached to the diamond encrusted collar around Lola’s neck.


“Lola! What a beautiful name. I have to wait here a few hours, call Odessa and Cosmic, but then I’ll take you back to your mommy, Gaby.” Lola seemed utterly content in Cosmic’s arms. So he began calling and heard nothing in return. He heard a few creatures scampering, but he knew daytime was near, and that Gaby, whoever she is, she was missing her little Lola for sure.


So, he made the decision at daybreak to find Gaby. Cosmic walked for miles and miles. And no sign of a house for hours. Then he happened upon a small village in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and said to Lola. “Is this your home community?” Lola’s eyes opened, revealing in the daylight, the most gorgeous green eyes he’d ever seen. Cosmic was utterly awestruck with her eyes, and the color of her beautiful coat. “You are loved, that’s for sure. I’ve never seen a kitty so gorgeous, it seems as though a ray of sunshine is inside you, and it oozes out through your beautiful fur,” Cosmic said, to an admiring Lola, who almost seemed to understand his very words.


Then he heard something as he was walking down the hill toward the houses. So pretty, so quaint, they seem almost as if he’d walked into a time warp. But, he hoped not to be doing so. “I have to stay here, I have to find my,” as he was about to say traveling companions. He heard Odessa’s bark coming from inside the house, a small gorgeous cottage. He ran to the door, and knocked. Odessa barked even louder. He then realized it was indeed, he was not dreaming.


A beautiful lady came to the door and smiled. “I think she belongs to you.” Then continued, “I am Gaby, and I have someone else you are looking for.” As Odessa licked Cosmic on the hand, Gaby went into the kitchen, which was warm, filled with light and smells so heavenly coming out of the kitchen made Cosmic more melancholy and homesick, than hungry. But he was indeed hungry, as Gaby had made a wonderful vegetarian casserole, and she handed Cosmic his beloved rabbit, Casper. “Here he is,” Gaby said to the elderly Cosmic. Looking disheveled and feeling out of place in Gaby’s beautiful and immaculate home. “You are welcome to have some lunch,” Gaby said. Cosmic could not decline.


After lunch, Cosmic then gathered up his duffle bag, which he’d been carrying on his journey for over two years now. “How did they get here,” Cosmic asked Gaby of Casper and Odessa. “Animals fear earthquakes, and they ran right to my home last night. I sent Lola to find you. She is a special kitty. She’s actually an angel.” Cosmic said, “I could not agree more.”

Shaded Golden Persian Cat

Gaby then told a departing Cosmic. “If you are ever in jeopardy, look for Lola. She’s now bonded with you, and she feels responsible for your safety.” Cosmic pat Lola on the head, and said, “I will miss you little girl.” Gaby smiled, gave Cosmic a hug, and as he, Odessa and Casper were walking down this lovely tree-lined street, he noticed that there were no cars on the street. He looked back to ask Gaby, where he was, and he was stunned. The house was gone, Lola had disappeared off the porch, and where Gaby’s beautiful cottage was, a rainbow was in its place.



“I’ve learned not to ask any questions, God. But, thank you for the angels Gaby and Lola, who came to help reunite all three of us,” Cosmic concluded.  You can learn more about my pal Gaby’s Persian  at:


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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Treasured Persian Kittens

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