Highlight Hollywood Gold Standard Goes To Tippi Hedren, Katherine Kelly Lang And Lauralee Bell, From Comedy To Drama, These Ladies Ruled The Week

This week’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard goes To Three beautiful and very talented actresses, who dominated their shows. One is a legendary iconic film star, while the other two are iconic as well, but are too young to be called legendary. That didn’t stop them from performing with all they have to offer this week. Each one mesmerized viewers, and in different ways, they all captured the essence of what their storylines were about.  Tippi Hedren, who guest starred on FOX’s “Raising Hope” this week shocked viewers from the grave, while Katherine Kelly Lang portrayed Brooke, returning home heartbroken with a devastating secret, and finally Lauralee Bell, who portrays Christine is ready for her showdown after 20 years of waiting for her nemesis to go down. Chris plans on taking it to the next level, each of these performers did just that with in every one of their scenes.Tippi Hedren really showed FOX viewers this week that she can do comedy. We all know she’s excellent in high-drama, as the star of “The Birds” and “Marnie,” we witnessed her at the height of her fame and beauty portray strong women in jeopardy. But the parody we witnessed this week when Tippi and her gorgeous daughter Melanie Griffith appeared on “Raising Hope,” was an all-time high. Seeing Tippi from the grave was hilarious. The beautiful star, who HBO did their best movie ever “The Girl,” on her life and career showed her fans that she still has it! And she was spectacular as the meddling mother from the hell, literally as her will was read, by her-own voice and on videotape.  Melanie played off her mother in just perfect form. And her scenes with Academy Award winning actress, Cloris Leachman are Emmy-worthy. I’m all for seeing more of Tippi on sitcoms, but trust me, you do not want to miss HBO’s “The Girl” starring Sienna Miller, who may not be as beautiful or talented as Ms. Hedren, but she does a marvelous job portraying her in the film. On the other hand, lets make sure we don’t see Tippi in a coffin again any time soon, not even on TV.  The beautiful star recently told Highlight Hollywood, “I promised my daughter Melanie, that she’ll never see me in a coffin, I want to be cremated and my ashes scattered throughout my beloved Shambala.”

And when Ronn Moss abruptly quit “The Bold and the Beautiful,” those of us who know Bradley Bell knew that it would not take the three-time Emmy Award winning executive producer and head writer more than a second or two to come up with a superb storyline for Ronn’s leading lady Katherine Kelly Lang.  We just got a whiff of it this week, and Katherine Kelly Lang dazzled in it. Brooke is harboring a secret, this one more lethal to her health and mental well-being than all the previous secrets the stunner has held over the past 26 years. Kelly is absolutely incredible as Brooke, and this week we got to see Brooke return home from her honeymoon and immediately run to baby sister Katie’s side. Brooke was then confronted by Katie, “Where is Ridge? Has he done something to hurt you, Brooke?” Just at that moment, the blonde beauty broke into tears and fell down to the floor.

Her ability to bring emotion to the surface is legendary, her beauty, equally as legendary. But look out. This storyline is just beginning, and Brad has a huge revelation about to be revealed, which will lead Brooke to an all new place in her life. Kelly Lang is on her way to her first Emmy Award for the work she does so effortlessly. She has the ability to make it all seem so natural. She is one of television’s truest beauties, and our most underrated actress in this generation. She may be one of the nicest and most beautiful women in Southern California. But, she’s also one of the most talented. I can hardly wait to see the next chapter in Brooke Logan’s fabled life. This one will be much different than anything Brad has ever written for Brooke before. And Kelly Lang is damn ready for her close up, and hear me, Academy voters, she’s ready for that EMMY Award as well.

On to “Y&R,” where Christine and Danny have reunited, Christine is determined to save Paul from the fate of prison, and more importantly, Chris is ready to rumble with Genoa City psycho Phyllis Sommers Newman, and if this week’s performance is any indication of what we have coming up in the weeks to come, I’m all ready for it. As the loving ex-wife of Danny, Lauralee and Michael (Damian’s) chemistry this week was on par with the glory days of the 1990s.  Bell so sophisticated much like her elegant mother, but she throws all that off and immerses herself into the character of Christine when she appears on “The Young and the Restless.” Thanks to this amazing storyline that is just heating up, we get to see Bell at her finest, and at the apex of her abilities. The scene when Chris pranced into Michael’s office, ordered Ronan out, then delivered new evidence against Phyllis was my favorite of the week. That’s what we are about to witness when we see the two face off next week. Phyllis and Chris are on a path, and only one can win. Luckily for us, with Lauralee Bell in the role of Christine, we are all winners, when we get to see her in action.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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Tippi profile by the legendary Bill Dow, Raising Hope by FOX, Katherine Kelly Lang by Gilles Toucas/Bell Phillip TV Productions and Lauralee Bell by CharlesBush.com
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