Only 48 Hours After Hurricane Sandy Ravaged The Northeast, Governor Romney Plans To Kick His Election Back Into High Gear On Wednesday, Highlight Hollywood News

With election day less than a week away, and the nation gripped in the aftermath of the horrific Frankenstorm, Hurricane  Sandy, and President Obama facing the challenges of helping states like New Jersey, New York and others to rebuild, bury the dead and work to restore power to over eight million homes across the Northeast, Governor Mitt Romney is suddenly plunging into traditionally Democratic-leaning Minnesota and Pennsylvania, and his GOP allies are trying to put Michigan into play. It’s forcing President Barack Obama to defend his own turf – he’s pouring money into television ads in the states and dispatching top backers – in the campaign’s final week.GOP efforts in the trio of Rust Belt states could indicate that Romney is desperately searching for a last-minute path to the needed 270 Electoral College votes – without all-important Ohio. Or just the opposite, that he’s so confident in the most competitive battlegrounds that he’s pressing for insurance against President Obama in what’s expected to be a close race.

Or perhaps the Republican simply has money to burn. Use it now or never. Former President Bill Clinton was dispatched in response on Tuesday. “Barack Obama’s policies work better,” he declared on the University of Minnesota campus, one of his two stops in a state that offers 10 electoral votes and hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate since Richard Nixon in 1972.

This late-game expansion of a campaign playing field that, until now, had focused on just nine states was taking place exactly a week from Election Day. At the same time, Obama spent a second day in Washington to focus on his presidential duties and Romney edged back into active campaigning in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy.

The election will be held next Tuesday, and it remains very close. Every vote will count, so get out there on Tuesday and vote, or vote early if it’s offered to you.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: AP
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