Sienna Miller And Toby Jones Are Enchanting In HBO’s ‘The Girl’, Miller Now Proves She’s Also Iconic, Highlight Hollywood News

After knowing what Tippi Hedren had endured for years, and also knowing that even today she is threatened by one of the world’s most wealthy and powerful men, I have always had an enduring love and respect for Tippi. However, after last night’s “The Girl,” on HBO, featuring the stunning Sienna Miller as Tippi Hedren and the talented Toby Jones as Hitch. I have even more respect for the lady, I consider a friend. Tippi’s a legend, but not only because of “The Birds” and “Marnie,” and having been the only actress who worked with directors Hitchcock, Wood and Chaplin. She is a legend, because she stands up for herself, she is possessed of morality and ethics, and her innate physical qualities and beauty are just icing on the cake.

Last night Hedren was the biggest story, says Google, and you’d be stunned by the unethical attacks from women, who were and are in love with the mystery that is Hitchcock. Women are often other women’s worst enemies. And simply because Kim Novak, Doris Day, Joan Fontaine and Eva Marie Saint as well as the late Grace Kelly and Janet Leigh did not speak out against the treatment many of them endured under the guise of a director’s eccentricities, doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. Everyone, including Hitchcock’s family know that this was his behavior toward women. However, just as O.J. Simpson’s first wife said, “He never hit me,” we now should have enough common sense to know, that people treat some people one way, and treat others, another. You can rest assured, that a collective sigh of relief hovers over Hollywood this Sunday, as not only did Tippi stand up for herself 50 years ago, but she stands up for those who cannot fight back, even today. Just ask all of us, who support her Big Cat refuge

That being said, this is about Jones and Miller. Toby Jones played Hitch in such a drastically alluring way. We got to see the famed late director’s strengths, which were many, and we also got to see his many weaknesses. Anyone who has a stitch of morality realizes, that great men often are credited with empathy toward others, and that many great men, who have an abundance of talent, oftentimes use their notoriety and power to destroy others. Ronald Reagan once told me something, that I choose to live my life by. “A powerful man’s strengths are evident when he has the ability to crush his enemy, but the decency not to do it.” He wasn’t the greatest President, and definitely was by far not the greatest actor, but he had a wisdom, we don’t see today in politics. The Republican party today is synonymous with the KKK, more so than, the first Republican President’s (Lincoln) legacy.

Miller on the other hand, had a tougher role to play. She had to portray honestly, a woman, who is known for her beauty, her strengths, her morality and most of all, her determination. Tippi became Hitch’s greatest obsession because she fought back, and she got up every time he systematically punched her out and knocked her on the floor. Every time he tortured her either physically, or in a much more sickening manner; emotionally and spiritually, she got stronger. Miller understood this. She played Tippi, the way we all know her. Not bitter, but strong. Those who try to degrade her today, and try to lift Hitchcock up in an almost god-like manner, are only envious of who she is.

Hedren’s career in Hollywood was essentially destroyed by one of the most powerful men in this town. Hitch was the most influential director between the 1940s until his final masterpiece, which was Tippi’s final film with the icon, “Marnie.”

Sienna was obviously perfect for the role, and she deserves an Emmy Award for her mesmerizing performance. Just like Tippi Hedren in real-life, Sienna captivated audiences. But, she proved she had more than just a great physical similarity to Tippi. She proved, that she could catapult herself for 90-minutes into our lives. We now feel like we know Tippi, and Hitch and the players around the two, so much better.

For the naysayers, or fools, who doubted or doubt today what strength Tippi Hedren embodies, on the world stage, not just here in Hollywood. Sienna Miller’s breathtakingly perfect performance shows all Hedren’s jealous and silly critics, that she is still an icon today, just as she was in the 1960s. And also, Sienna Miller’s magnificent obsession with Hollywood’s former “It” girl puts the British actress on the short list of Hollywood’s most talented actresses; including Bullock, Theron and Blanchett. Sienna Miller compelled us to watch her every perfect move on the small screen on Saturday night, and she proves, she’s nobody’s ex, she’s nobody’s obsession. She was brilliant and she has graduated to the head of the class as Tippi Hedren in HBO’s “The Girl.”

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Miller/HBO Hedren/Universal Pictures, Tippi Hedren 10-20-2012 on Sunset Blvd. by the legendary photographer Bill Dow
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