While Government Dysfunction Is Decried By Many, New Jersey’s Governor Christie And Newark’s Mayor Cory Booker Come Through Disaster With High Marks, Highlight Hollywood News

Hurricane Sandy became a Frankenstorm when it hit the coast of New Jersey, but it cannot defeat New Jersey with the two men the state has in charge of its state and biggest city. While many officials feel out of their element out on the streets, Mayor Cory Booker and Governor Chris Christie are out meeting people, encouraging them and even helping their citizens, not stuck behind a desk or a podium. In fact, when Highlight Hollywood called Mayor Cory Booker’s office today, it was close. But, not because they are sitting around at home. It’s because the mayor, who was born in Washington, D.C., now 43-years-old is out with the people. Last night, Cory Booker was in full-force on Twitter. He told residents, who were tweeting to him, that they were cold, to go to shelters, but not just an order or instruction. He told them which ones were available in their area and had space.He also politely chastised a woman, who stated, she was heating her house with candles. “Do not do that,” the handsome Mayor told his constituent. “Fires can be caused that way. A shelter is open in your neighborhood, go there.”  Newark, New Jersey is making a revival, or was until this storm hit. But, chances are, it’ll be back in full-force in no-time at all. Especially with Mayor Booker in charge.

But, for a man who sleeps probably less than even I do. He was still helping his citizens this morning, when other leaders were far from the people, Mayor Booker was right there in the community he serves.
(Above: A different Image From The One of that Red Neck Governor Brewer From Arizona Pointing Her finger in the President’s Face. Christie Gets High Marks For His disdain of bigotry)
At 3 p.m. Mayor Booker announced Newark Schools will be closed today and Thursday. Not making parents have to wait until tonight to make decisions on whether to go to work or stay with their kids. That’s the kind of man he is.  Just an hour ago, Mayor Booker told a resident, who was hungry, where she should go for a healthy and warm meal, warning her not to eat what is in her home refrigerator, which has been out of power for 48 hours now. No one knows what these people are going through, but Mayor Booker and Governor Christie show that they do care!

Just a sampling of messages Mayor Booker has been sending out, include this recent one from the afternoon.

[Cory Booker ‏@CoryBooker
NJ Transit Busses, Trains, Light Rail not running. For non-emergency medical transport call 973 733 4311]

New Jersey doesn’t have even half the resources New York City has, however, that doesn’t stop Governor Christie from digging in and standing by his citizens, it also doesn’t stop the Governor from working with the President, and as he’s done so in the past, he stands up to the bigots within his party. While Michele Bachmann and the bigots on the right claim Muslims are taking over America, and the President of the United States, who they hate for being black, is a Muslim. It was Christie who called his own party out, “They are nuts, and bigots,” he has said. And this is the same tough talk he uses when dealing with inefficiency in New Jersey, which is why a left-leaning electorate voted for this man, and support his efforts to this day.

This is the model for the rest of the country, fixated on the White House and the race and ethnicity of its occupant. These two men prove both of their parties wrong. They prove they can be partners to benefit their citizens, while being partisans with dignity in differences.

Good luck to New Jersey residents, at least you have two magnificent leaders in your state, that are doing all they can for you.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: AP and Newark Mayor’s Office
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