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After Lauralee Bell returned to “The Young and the Restless” several months ago, it’s been going gangbusters ever since. Recently Lauralee chatted up Michael Logan with TV Guide, and that’s always a fantastic read. Michael gets straight to the point, to the nitty-gritty as we used to say in the 1970s. Well, now I’m dating myself. However, I caught up with my pal Lauralee on Wednesday, and she was in fine form. Not only is Lauralee beautiful and talented, but so much fun to dish with, especially now that Christine is about to stab her best friend of 30 plus years in the back. No, not me, Nina! On Friday, we’ll see a side of Christine (“Cricket”) that, we agreed her dad, Bill Bell, who created “Y&R” would just love. She’s definitely playing young and restless these days, and Doug Davidson is the object of Chris’s latest obsession. Nina’s (Tricia Cast) only had one solid thing in her life these past months. It’s been Paul (Doug Davidson). Paul, however, is ecstatic that his ex-wife, Christine, finds the evidence to get Paul off of the murder charges once and for all following his face off with psychotic son Ricky Williams. Chris has been an emotional basket case since Phyllis walked on the charges she faced after running Cricket and Paul down with a car 18 years ago. But Bell thinks it opened up a door for something else to come her way. “Chris was pretty obsessed with justice, even revenge against Phyllis. Although she had reason to be angry, having Phyllis walk only to lose her marriage, the respect of her children and the community, may be justice in itself,” said Bell.

When asked what on earth is Cricket doing kissing Paul, she points out, “Tommy, Paul kisses Chris. Then she allows it. It’s an organic reaction. Although Danny is the love of Cricket’s life, she knows he is a rock star, and he could end up being duped by another red-headed groupie! So she’s looking at Paul as mature love.”

However, this was not just by accident in the making. Lauralee Bell clearly understands this reuniting of Paul and Christine was something that was given a foundation many months ago.  “I want to thank Maria for giving me the vengeful Christine storyline and laying the groundwork for her finding her way back to Paul, and to thank the new team for expanding upon it,” Lauralee credits Bell.

Mature? The beautiful blonde stunner doesn’t look a day past 25. The mother of two beautiful, active kids, and wife to producer, director and photographer Scott Martin. Lauralee finds herself staying busy with her kids’ school activities and also helping to promote her mom (Lee Phillip Bell’s) book on her late father, William J. Bell, who co-created/ co-produced and was head writer of “The Young and the Restless.” For the past year, “Y&R” has had the highest numbers in decades and remains number one rated today. However, Bell is really excited about the maturity of her character and of Doug’s. “Paul and Christine find themselves in a weird place. They both are sort of unhappy with their lives today. Chris has had a fabled career with the U.S. Justice Dept. in Washington, D.C., but hasn’t had a lot of time for love outside the Beltway, and Paul’s father, a police detective, basically chose his son’s career path,” Bell points out.

But she’s quick to thank her parents for allowing her to join “Y&R” as a teen, thus her character’s nickname Cricket. Cricket’s dearest friend, outside of her lover and ex-husband Paul, is Paul’s current squeeze,  Chris’s best friend of 30 years, Nina. “As I said previously in an interview, I had Tricia  staying at my home during the time we were filming those scenes. It was so tough to come home at the end of the day and smile with her. But when I saw her leave for Nashville, I knew that she was perfectly happy. I’m not sure that Nina’s going to feel the same way. She’s been second fiddle to Cricket for years, and now this. The one man she learned to give her heart to, her best friend steals him away again,” said Lauralee Bell.

As pointed out in TV Guide, Chris has really been a psycho-nut lately. She’s been making out with married men, or at least one that we witnessed; Nicholas Newman. She’s slept with Danny and now she’s falling in love again with Paul. Is it love, I asked the gorgeous star? “Sure, it’s love. It’s a much needed love for both of them. They both, for the first time in a long time, fall for each other at the same moment. It was so incredible doing those scenes. But, I also feel it’s been a lead up to this for months now. It is definitely not out of the blue. Maybe for fans, but when you think about it, Chris and Paul were never able to complete their relationship. Chris ran to Paul when Danny broke her heart over Phyllis, and then Isabella came about, and we all know how that ended,” said the “Y&R” actress.

Sure, it ended up with Chris in a bathtub looking like a drowned rat, after Isabella poisoned her and then tried to drown her during a bath. “Oh, do you have to always go back to that moment in time, Tommy? You know, when Eva (Longoria) was on David Letterman’s show once after her career took off with ‘Desperate Housewives,’ it was that scene they chose ,” laughed Lauralee Bell.

But, still very much a soap opera, “Y&R’s” drama continues, says Bell. “It’s pretty horrific what happens to Nina by the two people she loves and trusts the most. And actually it’s a little selfish of Paul and Chris to feel the way they do, when so much time has gone by. However, then again, you have to realize these two are at a place in their lives, that they are separately looking for change, and how very romantic and even tragic that they choose now is the time to fall in love all over again?” Bell reminds “Y&R” fans to, “Stay tuned.”

Lauralee Bell is the co-creator, co-producer and star of “Family Dinner,” starring Academy Award winners Shirley Jones and Cloris Leachman, and Emmy Award-winner Aaron Lustig and Dan Cortese. Bell along with business partner Scott Martin also co-created “Just Off Rodeo.”

Also, check out Logan’s great scoop with Lauralee Bell from last week’s TV Guide Magazine:

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