Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

Randy Travis Reportedly Giving Up Alcohol And Taking A Healthier Lifestyle To Heart, Highlight Hollywood News

Attorney Larry Friedman, who represents Randy Travis, tells TMZ that his client has removed alcohol from his daily life and that the  Country music singer has vowed to kick the habit and give up drinking.  This after several DUI arrests and accidents caused his family, friends and millions of fans to worry that he was headed down a path of destruction that would have destroyed his life or someone else’s. “At the end of the day, Randy did not want to be responsible for someone else losing their life or being injured,” a source close to the singer tells Highlight Hollywood.

According to his attorney, Travis is now working out multiple times per-day and on a high protein diet and vitamins.  In February Randy was arrested for public intoxication after being found in a Baptist church parking lot in Texas, then five months later he was arrested again for DUI, and was found to be totally nude, and then weeks later was accused of simple assault after an altercation outside another church in Texas.  And before readers outside of America wonder, why is Randy always in trouble outside churches. Texas is part of the American Bible belt, and if you drive a mile in Texas, you pass by at least 10 churches. And yes, the Bible belt is where the highest underage pregnancy rates exist in America, also, the highest STD rates, highest abortion rates and even the highest divorce rate in America.  Amen!

But, hopefully Randy is on his way to turning it all around. We’ll all celebrate his sobriety, without a toast that is!

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Randy Travis
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