‘The Collection’ Is Not Frightening, But Frankly Downright Disgusting, Go To See Another Film Instead, Highlight Hollywood News

Normally there is one bad movie each week that is released. This weekend? Wow, I found myself pinching myself thinking, can I ever awaken from this unending nightmare. Then the screening for “The Collection” came around. Being a horror film buff, I had some concerns, but thought, there’s no way this film will be a total waste of time. It was, and thankfully I didn’t have to pay for it, or I’d not be disgusted, but angry. Having never desired to hang out in dance clubs, I now am grateful for being a prude when I was younger. This dance club turns out to be a food processing center of sorts.
And disgusting is putting it lightly.  It does have one aspect of horror however. “The Collection” is bloody! But, as silly as we used to laugh about “Friday the 13th” and “Nightmare on Elm Street” or even “Halloween.” At least they were not disturbing and sick. Just scary as heck.

In “The Collection” — from director Marcus Dunstan (he wrote “Saw IV”), by the way. There is however in this film a serial killer in a black mask who has been staging mass murders but also abducting individuals to add to his collection. One day, Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick) and her friends go off to an underground dance club, and the night takes an unfortunate turn.  And that’s just for the moviegoer. Not to mention the characters in the film. Most of her friends are liquefied. Though Elena, the lucky one, ends up in a trunk in the maniac’s house.

The rest of the film is about a rescue team’s misguided attempt to save the young woman. Yep, that’s it!  People in a house coming across disgusting things, such as pickled and decaying bodies, while trying to avoid booby traps. But the real boob is the one who ends up paying for this flick. The effect isn’t frightening, but nauseating.

“The Collection” opens on Friday, November 30 around the U.S. just in time for, oh, wait, not even Halloween.  So, just forget it. Go see “Breaking Dawn Part 2” or “Skyfall.”

No, I cannot even rate it! It’s just plain bad!

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Universal
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