Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers Part 2, #TeamPrison Heads To Woodbury Where Michonne And The Governor Face Off, Highlight Hollywood News

It’s coming!  The midseason finale for several TV shows, from ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” to “Revenge,” and the most highly anticipated midseason finale is on AMC’s top rated drama “The Walking Dead.”  David Morrissey said this week that he loves it when fans of the hit zombie series walk up to him and say, “I hate your guts!” Well, they may get a big payoff on Sunday night.  Though actress Laurie Holden is the latest celebrity in the unending Twitter and Facebook cyber bullying streak. She’s desperately trying to defend her character Andrea, by telling fans, “You know Andrea. Give her a chance to do the right thing.” The right thing? The Governor sure didn’t do that last Sunday, when he threatened to rape Maggie, but decided at the end not to go through with it.  But, don’t worry Walking fans, Michonne, Rick and Daryl are on their way to Woodbury, and on Sunday night, when they arrive, all hell breaks loose.

As Laurie tweeted recently, “Andrea never read the ‘How to Spot A Douchebag’ book…her tragic flaw. Always looking for love in all the wrong places….Hasn’t almost every woman in the world made bad choices at times? Aren’t we all looking for happily ever after? Just sayin… The audience sees behind the curtain. Andrea just gets the show….” Yes, and that’s been a frustration — to make Andrea the last to know. It doesn’t seem fair, considering how cool she turned out to be on Season 2.

Michonne, Rick Grimes, Oscar  and Daryl Dixon head into the forest on “The Walking Dead” last Sunday. And boy, are they prepared for a battle.  So, what can you expect? DO NOT READ any further if you don’t want to hear our source confirmations on the show on Sunday night.

Michonne kills zombie Penny, which we know will upset her dad, The Governor.  Also, during a bloody fight between Michonne and The Gov, Michonne stabs him in the eye with a shard of glass (so he’ll look a bit more like the comic Gov). But before she can kill him — ANDREA steps in and pulls a gun on Michonne. She doesn’t shoot Michonne. She lets Michonne go, but also saves The Governor. So, yes, if that’s really what happens, Andrea (and poor Laurie) will feel the wrath even further. But, what if she’s actually saving the Governor’s penance for herself to hand out?

Fans want to see Andrea redeem herself, but you’ll likely have to wait for that.  Also, just to appease any Daryl Dixon fans out there, Norman Reedus has also been seen on set for the finale, so despite Episode 8 reportedly ending on a cliffhanger for Merle and Daryl Dixon, they make it into the second half of the season. But, will one of them perish on Sunday night?

When “Made To Suffer” airs, I speculate that it’ll be the season’s highest rated episode.
The death count is only getting higher as the season goes on. Michonne might also learn of the prison survivors relationship to Andrea. However, Kirkman wasn’t clear if that would happen in the finale or later this season.  So, like you, Highlight Hollywood cannot wait for #TheWalkingDead on Sunday night #TeamPrison.

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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
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