Beyoncé Puts Her Detractors And Fox News Followers In Their Place, Opens Her Press Conference With The Star-Spangled Banner

Beyoncé blew away her detractors, all followers and viewers of Fox News, that go gung-ho into disparaging any African American successful person, especially those of them who support President Barack Obama.  However, anyone who has followed the Texas star’s career knew that she could sing. Lip Syncing to your own pre-recorded voice is something that many singers, including Whitney Houston do on a regular basis.  Only a few jealous wannabe singers, who are not big stars in the industry complained, especially anyone who was bitter over Governor Romney’s loss in the Presidential election.

This destructive and terrible attack on other Americans, because of who they vote for has to come to an end. Beyoncé has never deserved what she has endured in the past days, and this constant slandering of women by the right is only feeding into the “War on Women” narrative that the Democrats tied around the Republicans’ necks for the past year or more.
Kudos to Beyoncé for finally speaking out. Silence in this business is sometimes very loud and even deafening, when the right wing talk radio and 24-hour Fox News babblers are going constantly, and others on Twitter and Facebook, who love to slander people who are more successful than they are.
Beyoncé delivered the first, Superbowl  IN YOUR FACE, to her haters!
Now, with the real problems in the world we have to deal with; let us MOVE ON!
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett Photographs are Courtesy: NBC Follow us on Twitter @HighlightHwd or @LightfootinHwd