Bigelow’s ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ An Oscar Contender, And A Triumph For America, And Five Stars Worthy For The Cost Of Admission, Highlight Hollywood News

When the Academy Award nominations were announced on Thursday morning,  Kathryn Bigelow was not on the list for Best Director. That shocked some  people; maybe it shouldn’t have. The film she made, “Zero Dark Thirty,” was  nominated for Best Picture and four other awards, and she’s won in the past, for  “The Hurt Locker.” The problem appears to have been torture—the way it was  depicted in the movie, which is about the killing of Osama bin Laden, and her  insistence that she was constrained in the story she told by the truth, when, in  fact, she veered away from it, and we all know Washington, D.C. has a problem with fiction and reality. John McCain in particular has a problem figuring out which is which. 
“Zero Dark Thirty” is a great film, and although based loosely (emphasis loosely) on the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden, the film is a masterpiece, and every American over 21 should find their way in the theater and enjoy it.  It’s tough to watch, but Oscar-nominated actress Jessica Chastain is amazing and enigmatic as the C.I.A. agent, who helped get the evil man, who masterminded September 11 attacks on our nation.
The scenes in this film that are hard to watch are obviously the torture scenes. But, films that are worth watching are oftentimes difficult to watch. Do you think every African American should shun “Gone With The Wind” because it depicts a happy slave like Mamie? We all know that she would not have been happy in real life, but that is a film based loosely on the Civil War era of the South. This film should be given the same respect, not chastisement from phony and hypocritical Senators like John McCain, who is bitter over losing two Presidential elections and Lindsay Graham, who is “hiding” an even bigger secret from his right-wing followers, who would share disdain for him and his lifestyle, if they were aware of it.
So, it’s time to take politics out of films.  Senator McCarthy from Wisconsin is proof that these men are hypocrites and dishonorable, as we all know J. Edgar Hoover, a secret cross dresser, in love with his best “male” friend was as well. It’s disgusting that Kathryn Bigelow was yet another casualty on McCain’s war on women, which also included Mrs. Rice, who was to become our nation’s second African American woman Secretary of State.
Bigelow’s vision should not be overshadowed by the narrow-minded views of McCain and his right wing followers, who we know thanks to Fox News, believe every bit of propaganda they hear, and also use religion to justify hatred.
“Zero Dark Thirty” is a must-see, and Highlight Hollywood gives the film Five out of a possible Five Stars.  “Zero Dark Thirty” opens tomorrow, Friday, January 11, around the country.
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Universal Pictures
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