Highlight Hollywood’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard: Towers, Davidson And MacInnes-Wood, Diversity In Style But Equally Flawless

Highlight Hollywood’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard goes to three actresses who have all appeared on TV and on film.  However, last week the three of them dominated TV. Constance Towers portrayed a Southern Belle with devotion to her bigoted and powerful U.S. Senator husband on NBC’s “1600 Penn,” Eileen Davidson killed it last week as NBC’s vixen on “Days of Our Lives” and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood departed “B&B” as Steffy with style, and a heck of a secret to return to L.A. with, and these three beauties just captured our editors’ attention all week.
Constance Towers normally plays super-bad mommy on ABC’s “General Hospital,” as Greek billionaire Helena Cassadine. But last week she departed from connie1600high-drama and headed to TV’s sitcom “1600 Penn” starring Jenna Elfman.  Towers always brings a level of professionalism to her roles, but this time around, she really made us laugh. As an irreverent wife of a powerful Southern U.S. Senator, whose bigotry was as big as the Capitol itself, Constance was able to make her role believable even though she’s far from bigoted and not even Southern. She made us laugh, and we could not take our eyes off the beauty, as she upstaged and stole every scene she was in, and fans are hoping she’ll return with her sharp tongue and $10,000 evening gowns.
This lady has worked opposite Anthony Geary, Michael Douglas, Yul Brynner, John Wayne, William Holden, Glenn Ford and countless others.  But it was opposite Stacy Keach, where the stunner was able to portray a role she’d never done before. Proving that she still has the talent to compete in 21st Century Hollywood.
Eileen Davidson, an Emmy Award worthy performance on a daily basis. Known by costars on “Days of Our Lives,” as she was on “The Young and the Restless,” as extremely professional, very prepared and not one bit the diva she plays today on “Days” as Kristen.  Seeing Eileen on a daily basis is just an inspiring thing to watch. Not only is she gorgeous, sexy and unforgettable, but her work theatrically is legendary and her return to “Days” has been one of the highlights of the decade.  Eileen has singlehandedly brought a level of excitement and professionalism to this show, that it lacked for years.  She is the perfect leading lady, in every way.  She is simply elegant and charismatic to watch in action.  “Days of Our Lives” airs weekdays on NBC.
And “B&B”,” Yes, “The Bold and the Beautiful” has a Stephanie Forrester. Though viewers will always miss Susan Flannery, we do have Jacqueline MacInnes-Wood to keep us occupied.  Last week Steffy found out she was pregnant just before she departed LAX, to go to Europe to visit father Ridge, and also handle Forrester Creations business.  But on screen, the young star is unforgettable and astonishing to watch. She’s grown as an actress, and has eclipsed many of her peers and has become a force-to-be reckoned with.  This young lady is mesmerizing to watch. And we are always wondering what is Steffy up to next? What happens when she returns to tell Liam, they JacquelineMaInnesWood021are going to be parents? Chances are, Brad Bell, the show’s three-time Emmy Award-winning executive producer and head writer has a lot of drama planned for Steffy, and Jacqui.
Here’s to more Jacqui on “B&B.” And more of her on the big screen as well.
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Constance Towers by Mara Photography in Hollywood and NBC, and Eileen Davidson and Jacqueline MacInnes-Wood by Gilles Toucas/Bell Phillip TV Productions
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