Tue. Jun 2nd, 2020

John Boehner Must Be Looking In The Mirror, ‘Obama Wants To Annihilate The GOP’, Highlight Hollywood News

After slandering and “birthering” and calling the President of the United States, “A Muslim,” which is simply the 21st Century version of the word nigger, Bohener now whines, since his party is fractured and trying to oust him from power.  Amazing how these vile bigots have destroyed the Republican party, and what few moral Republicans once existed are now right-wing nutcases listening to the hateful and bigoted rhetoric of Sean Hannity, Bill O’ Reilly, Mark Levin and the like. At least Rush Limbaugh has been honest, and says, he’d be liberal if there was a wide radio audience for it.  These others have just destroyed what credibility they once had many eons ago, and are now Boehner is whining?After the Teabillies carried picket signs with monkeys on them, and then said, “We are not racist!” Then the birthers found their emails being sent by WhiteBackInWhiteHouse-T-shirtonce sane, now insane bigots, who claim they believe the President of the United States was not born in Hawaii, but Africa, Kenya, to be exact. These people wandered so far from any credible argument, and now that they have a 26 percent approval rating, and no chance of winning another White House election with the vile fools they have pandered to, becoming a smaller number than ever before, now they scream, “It’s his fault!”
Karl Rove lied to Mitt Romney, who once was a moderate and sensible Republican, and eventually turned himself into a vicious vile bigot, and he wonders why we Independents didn’t vote for him? While stating, “When I am President, the Illegal Mexicans will self deport. Perhaps he got the illegals confused with his own polygamous grandfather, who had to self deport INTO Mexico from his Salt Lake City, Utah home, in order to not break American law, by having more than one, even more than three wives in his case.
These people are now trying to shift the blame to a man, they have defamed for close to five years now.  If the President had the time to annihilate the very vile bigots, he’s been slandered by, then good on him!  That being said, the Republican party has itself to blame for its downfall, which is just beginning. Not close to being over.
All of our mothers taught us, we become the people we hang around. Well, the Republicans have hung around bigots so long, they no longer associate with, but are those people.
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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy: Boehner’s Office And AP
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