Sylvester Stallone Is A Total Hit In ‘Bullet To The Head’, Opens Friday, February 1, Highlight Hollywood News

Sylvester Stallone surprises the audience and moviegoer in his latest film “Bullet to the Head,” in which he plays a hit-man paired with a cop.  He’s man-cave witty in a way that his “Expendables” movies have strived for but haven’t pulled it off.  “Bullet” blows away Arnold’s boring and predictable “Last Stand.”  And this is the action film for the weekend. 

Stallone pulls off another interesting and entertaining performance by not trying too hard, and not taking his acting seriously. His New Orleans mob palooka, Jimmy Bobo, generally looks bothered and annoyed all the time, or bored at the very least. He’s a guy who brings his own whiskey to bars and churlishly “rents” a glass because he’s got no patience for his obscure label not being stocked.


Sure, Jimmy feels it when his partner (Jon Seda) is set up. Stallone as usual mutters a fun and  intriguing gravelly voice-over snippets here and there, to let us know what’s going on in his head.) However, his expression projects peeved resignation about the whole mess he and the other characters find themselves in.


OK, “Bullet to the Head” is not my kind of film, but, Stallone fans will love it.  He is after all very entertaining in a gruff-on-screen sort of way.



“Bullet to the Head” receives Three and a Half of Five Possible Stars from Highlight Hollywood.


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Written By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photographs are Courtesy:  Walter Hill
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